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Christmas Toys from ALDI Review

Reviewed by Kelly Dewey I’m a childminder and mum of 3 so am always looks for good quality and...
Aldi Soundbar

Aldi Bluetooth Soundbar Review

Reviewed by Catherine Joyce A new Aldi has just opened near where we live and it is quite exciting looking...

Camping this Summer with Aldi Review

Reviewed by David Savage As I sit here with the sun shining and the temperature just about right, not too...

Save money by shopping at ALDI Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot I have always been a big fan of ALDI. I can cut £s off of my shopping bill each week. I...

Living on a budget with Aldi Review

Reviewed by Paul Magnan I live on a very limited budget and have around £35-40 a week to spend on food. I worry about being...

Aldi Family Camping Essentials Range Review

Reviewed by Dorothy White Summer is on the way and people will be looking at holidays and may decide on a spot of camping. So...

Aldi Camping Specialbuys Review

Reviewed by Sian Manning I have had the pleasure of receiving 3 items from the Aldi Camping Specialbuys to review, as always they provide great...

ALDI Makes Life Easy for a Busy Working Man Review

Reviewed by Paul Magnan I shop at ALDI all the time, so was delighted to get the opportunity to see how far a budget of...

Aldi Mother’s Day Gift Selection Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton It's that time of year again where people across the land are checking with each other that they haven't missed it....

ALDI Restaurant at Home Specialbuys Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot I love shopping for food at ALDI but they also have some great home and garden Specialbuys that change weekly. I...


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