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Aldi Kitchen Gadgets Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot I am a big fan of Aldi and especially of their online deals and Specialbuys, I...
Aldi Christmas Jumper

ALDI Avenue Ladies Flamingo Christmas Jumper Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir I love a Christmas jumper and every year I look for a new one as there...

Christmas Toys from ALDI Review

Reviewed by Kelly Dewey I’m a childminder and mum of 3 so am always looks for good quality and...
Aldi Soundbar

Aldi Bluetooth Soundbar Review

Reviewed by Catherine Joyce A new Aldi has just opened near where we live and it is quite exciting looking...

Camping this Summer with Aldi Review

Reviewed by David Savage As I sit here with the sun shining and the temperature just about right, not too...

Save money by shopping at ALDI Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot I have always been a big fan of ALDI. I can cut £s off of my shopping bill each week. I...

Living on a budget with Aldi Review

Reviewed by Paul Magnan I live on a very limited budget and have around £35-40 a week to spend on food. I worry about being...

Aldi Family Camping Essentials Range Review

Reviewed by Dorothy White Summer is on the way and people will be looking at holidays and may decide on a spot of camping. So...

Aldi Camping Specialbuys Review

Reviewed by Sian Manning I have had the pleasure of receiving 3 items from the Aldi Camping Specialbuys to review, as always they provide great...

ALDI Makes Life Easy for a Busy Working Man Review

Reviewed by Paul Magnan I shop at ALDI all the time, so was delighted to get the opportunity to see how far a budget of...


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