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What’s Good To do was co-founded by two friends several years ago.  I, Debbie, am one of the co-founders.    I am a mum to non-identical twin sons and a teenage daughter.   My children and I very much enjoy the opportunities which WGTD brings and it brings me great joy to see our reviewer community having the opportunities that they get, particularly as sadly so many people are facing such hard times financially at the moment.  I see WGTD very much as something which is being built for my children’s future, a way to help other people/families find things to do/products to buy and a way for people to get word out about their businesses/products/services.

The last few years have been particularly challenging for me and I am more grateful than ever for the flexibility which running my own business gives me. To explain, I have chronic health conditions which include IBS (diagnosed when I was approximately 18 years old), ehlers danlos syndrome hypermobility type (a rare condition I was diagnosed with in 2016 which I hope to raise awareness about), fibromyalgia (diagnosed in 2016) and chronic fatigue syndrome (diagnosed in 2016), mobility issues,  both visible and invisible disabilities (one of my biggest challenges is chronic pain) plus a learning difficulty of a dyspraxic nature which was identified during the course of my postgraduate study. I have included this paragraph in the hope of it helping people in a similar situation.

One of my big dreams for the future (not possible at the moment) would be to potentially offer part-time job opportunities/job share roles as they can be few and far between, yet they suit some people’s circumstances better than full-time roles. 

My background pre having my children is a BA (Hons) in European Finance and Accounting with German.  I got a 2.1.  I kept up my French too whilst at university and still speak French and German.  It has always been my dream for my children to grow up bi-lingual.  After university I worked in Finance/IT for a number of years, sometimes using my languages, before setting up my own business back in 2003.  I feel proud to say that I got my Masters in Law (I got a commendation) back in July 2022.

Back to the website, whatsgoodtodo.com is an online guide – Our team of reviewers writes reviews on products, events and venues. We have a team of reviewers across the UK ready to try out places to go from Land’s End to John o’Groats, theme parks to spa days and camping to fine-dining. Our team is ready to road-test products from coffee machines to car seats and dolls to dash cams. Read our reviews so that you can always find out what we think is good to do.


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