WGTD Reviewer Vacancies

How does it work?

We currently have a number of reviewer vacancies.  We have around 100 reviewers.   Our maximum number of reviewers is 150 for 2020.  Once we have reached this level of reviewers we will be operating a waiting list.

I recommend that you have a look at this page of our website here as well as testimonials provided by members of our reviewer community here.  This will give you a really good picture of things.  If you also look at our social media channels you will see that clients we work with sometimes share our social media posts.

Annual admin fee payable
£30.00 individual reviewer membership
£40.00 joint reviewer membership (both people can go out independently of each other on venue reviews).

We charge the admin fee because of the admin time we spend arranging reviews and the fact that  we do not charge our clients a fee for writing reviews.  We do guarantee the admin fee paid in reviews, subject to reviewers being regularly active over the year.  Once the admin fee is paid, whichever products you are sent or experiences you have are provided on a complimentary basis by the client. Product reviews – With products you get to keep the product you are sent.  Venue reviews – With events and days out you get a certain number of free entry tickets (usually 2-4).  With meals out and overnight stays you get a free meal or overnight stay respectively.  With theatre shows and concerts you would get free entry tickets (usually 2).

Important note – there are no venue reviews available at present due to the coronavirus situation.

To apply to join our reviewer community or to renew an existing reviewer membership which has expired, please visit this page on our website and select the appropriate reviewer membership that you require.  You will then be able to either login or register depending on whether you have already registered on our website.  Everything you would then need is on the Reviewer resources website page which can also be accessed from the Reviews/Reviewer Area main menu option.

Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.

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