WGTD Reviewer Vacancies

How does it work?

We currently have a number of reviewer vacancies.  We currently have 70-80 reviewers. (Updated 15/5/21)

If spaces are not available in your area then you can choose to be on our waiting list and we will contact you if a space comes up.  Feel free to join our WGTD Reviewer Community – News and Updates 2021 FB group to see what goes on and make a decision whether to join. (We give potential reviewers temporary access for a week or two)

I recommend that you have a look at this page of our website here as well as testimonials provided by members of our reviewer community here.  You can also read what people have to say about us on Trustpilot here. This will give you a really good picture of things.  If you also look at our social media channels you will see that clients we work with sometimes share our social media posts.

Annual admin fee payable (strictly AGE 18+)
£30.00 individual reviewer membership
£40.00 joint reviewer membership (both people can go out independently of each other on venue reviews, however you share an allocation of reviews).

Why do we charge the admin fee?
We charge the admin fee because of the admin time we spend arranging reviews and the fact that  we do not charge our clients a fee for writing reviews.  We do guarantee the admin fee paid in reviews, subject to reviewers being regularly active over the year.  That said, we do not guarantee a particular type of review will be available.

What’s required of a reviewer?

For any particular product, service, event or venue – 500+ word review (general review) OR WGTD 2021 Awards scoring form + 500+ word review (if client requests a review when entering our WGTD 2021 Awards) OR WGTD 2021 Awards scoring form to be submitted using the online form by the given deadline.  IMPORTANT NOTE – Our WGTD 2021 Awards are only open for entries for part of the year. That said, this years awards are currently open for entries and will close for entries on 15th September 2021, after which time just general reviews will be potentially available.  Within the reviewer resources is a reviewer guide which includes tips on what you could include and should include when writing a review.

How does it work once a reviewer has joined?

Once the admin fee is paid, whichever products you are sent or experiences you have are provided on a complimentary basis by the client.

Products – Provided free of charge. (We ask that our clients provide an item or item bundle worth RRP £9.99+)
Services – Provided on a complimentary basis. (We ask that our clients provide a service worth RRP £25.00+)
Events – Provided on a complimentary basis (tends to be reviewer + 1 on a complimentary basis but clients can choose to do more than this)
Meals out – Meal with a certain number of courses provided on a complimentary basis for a certain number of people or a meal to a certain value. (tends to be a meal for two but clients can choose to do more than this)
Days out – Entry for a certain number of people on a complimentary basis (tends to be reviewer +3 on a complimentary basis but clients can choose to do more or less than this)
Overnight stays/short breaks – Overnight stay on a complimentary basis for a certain number of people and a certain number of nights (tends to be reviewer + 1 on a complimentary basis.  Clients can choose to include some food, drink or both.  They can also choose to allow more people to stay on a complimentary basis.  ) For Overseas overnight stays/short breaks we do ask the client to provide a 3 night stay for 2 people as a minimum.
Spa days – Spa treatment/s on a complimentary basis for a certain number of people (tends to be reviewer + 1 on a complimentary basis).

Important note – the availability of some types of venue review is currently being affected by the coronavirus situation.

Steps to take to become a reviewer or renew  an expired reviewer membership:

1. please visit this page on our website and select the appropriate reviewer membership that you require.  You will then be able to either login or register depending on whether you have already registered on our website.

2. Please email us and ask to be added to the reviewer queues which you would like to be added to.  The reviewer queues are reviewer queue 1, reviewer queue 2 (theatre reviews) and reviewer queue 3 (£100+ RRP items). We do not add reviewers to reviewer queue 3 (£100+ RRP items) until they have been a reviewer for at least 6 months and written and submitted at least 5 reviews.  Please see our £100+ RRP item allocations policy here https://whatsgoodtodo.com/disclosure_cookie_policy_terms_and_conditions/.

3. Please read the information on the Reviewer resources website page which can also be accessed from the Reviews/Reviewer Area main menu option.

4. We use two systems to allocate reviews. The first is a reviewer queue system. (reviewer queue 1, reviewer queue 2 (theatre reviews) and reviewer queue 3 (£100+RRP items)) We list available reviews on our website.  We ask that reviewers respond YES to any reviews they wish to be considered for. We then work our way down our list of items to allocate and an item is allocated to the person highest in the reviewer queue who has responded YES to an item. Whilst we look to potentially allocate a £100+ RRP item to the person highest in reviewer queue 3 who has responded YES to an item, reviewer queue 3 is subject to our £100+ RRP item allocations policy. Once a reviewer has been allocated an item their name gets crossed out where they were in the reviewer queue and gets re-added to the bottom of the reviewer queue.  Whereever possible we allocate an item after midday the day after we list the review on the website.  Occasionally a quicker turnaround is necessary and we will tend to let reviewers know what time/day the review will be allocated.    The second allocations system we use is HELP US OUT.  If no one has responded as  YES for a review, then we re-list the review as HELP US OUT.  Being allocated a HELP US OUT item will not affect a reviewer’s position in the reviewer queue.

Please note that all reviews are subject to the client providing the item/service etc.  

Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.

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