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Monogamy Board Game Review

Reviewed by Julie Leousis

Monogamy – A hot affair… with your partner is an 18 rated board game for couples of all ages. It does not disappoint with the title, its well packaged with a clear description on the back of the box making it a good choice for couples wanting to explore their intimate and sexual relationship on a number of levels that they are comfortable with. The game is for two players and should last around 90 minutes but can go on for a short or long of a time that you want to. The game is great at all levels, for a couple who just want a fun evening, maybe a little intimacy or a really hot and steamy night. Monogamy has got it all.

Inside the box is a colourful and easy to navigate board along with two counters. With the counters there are a number of coloured rings to allow the couple to know which level they are on.

The instructions are well written and very clear, allowing the game to start almost straight the way. Each level is to be played twice though couples can opt to keep playing one level or go quickly to the naughty fun.

Intimate pink level is where the play begins, this level allows the couple to really get to know each other and their thoughts about each other and relationships in general. The level creates the intimacy that relaxes you into the game and helps to reduce the nervousness of trying new things. This level explores in words what you think about your partner, what qualities you love about them and the form of the opposite sex. Sensual discussion really helps to create a sense of getting to know each other on an intimate mind level despite how long you have been in a relationship with each other. Go round the board on this level twice, talk to your partner and see how different that is to everyday life conversations. Even whilst in intimate talk you continue around the board, landing on the other squares, maybe having to take off a piece of clothing or give your partner a massage. Let the intimacy take hold as you move along the board onto the Passionate purple level of the game…

The purple level will really get things moving upwards! Pick one of these cards and you may start to become physically teasing to your partner. Ice cubes, vibrator, maybe a blindfold could be needed for this section of the game. Now you are more relaxed, read your card and either talk about what’s on the card or if it is an action send your partner wild with your touch. Don’t forget to stop and continue with the game. This adds to the teasing and build-up of sexual desire but really difficult to do, so if you are in charge of the card remember you are teasing your partner and it will tease them more when you won’t carry on! So whether you are stripping off in front of your partner, teasing them all over with a vibrator or dancing closely let the purple passion take hold for two round and get your seatbelt on for the steamy level that lies ahead of you…

When you have completed the first two levels you come to the red steamy cards. Land on these and you are in for some naughty fun. Whether you are at his mercy for 3 minutes of whatever he wants no ifs or buts, or going down on him after sucking on ice cubes, this round is sure to make the blood pump and your bodies tingle. Could you call a friend whilst having oral sex performed on you without letting on or insert a mobile phone inside and call you up? All your naughtiness will be coming out to play with this game and hours of fun over and over again.

Then there is the fantasy cards, whilst playing you pick the fantasy cards and the winner gets to choose the card they want to fulfil. With bodies relaxed and sensual you will surely be wanting to act these out without any worries. Remember it’s a fantasy and its fun, let go and enjoy. Whether you are acting out sex with a boss in the office or oiling yourselves up for a live sex show (pretend) on the floor there is sure to be a fantasy that takes your fancy and some you could never have thought of before.

The game can go on for as long as you want it to, so whether you just fancy a quickie with the fantasy cards or a real night of passion the game has it all for you in one box. This is great for new couples getting to know each other but also for those in relationships that want to liven things up in the bedroom and wherever else they desire.

Monogamy is an excellent way to keep the passion alive and to create new levels of intimacy and naughtiness in a relationship. We really enjoyed playing this and love that we can play it again and again and know that we will have a different experience each and every time we play.

Hours of naughty fun and laughter, thoroughly recommend this to couples of all ages.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

Available to buy from Monogamy here.


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