Aldi Lacura Paradise Range and Lacura Hair Mask Review


Reviewed by Cath Joyce

Since lockdown started a trip to Aldi has become the highlight of the week and I love browsing in the middle aisles to see what new products they have each week. I have always liked branded beauty products but as I haven’t been going to town, I have started trying the Aldi beauty products and I have to say I have been really impressed with all the products I have tried.

I was therefore really pleased when I heard I would receiving some Aldi beauty products to review. Luckily they arrived quickly and in my parcel was the scented hand wash, scented bath and shower gel and the scented hand and nail cream from the Hotel Collection Paradise range and a Lacura Hair mask with coconut and fig.

My first impression when I opened the box was how stunning the Paradise products looked. The labelling is white with silver writing and is reminiscent of the much pricier The White Company products. Looking at the beautiful bottles it is hard to believe that they are only £2.19 each and they add a luxury feel to your bathroom without the hefty price tag.

The products are all fragranced with Bergamont, Amber and Vanilla and smell really luxurious. The first one I tried was the scented hand wash, designed to help your hands feel fabulous the soft and silky handwash lathers well and left my hands gently fragranced with the beautiful scent. I then tried the scented hand and nail cream and this was just as nice. Layering the two products also helped the fragrance last longer. My hands are quite dry due to constant handwashing and this hand cream was really nice to use as it quickly absorbed into my skin and didn’t leave them feeling greasy.

The scented bath and shower gel was lovely to use, it lathered well and left my skin feeling lovely and soft and clean. The consistency was good, not too runny that it slips through your fingers in the shower and thick enough so you can wash yourself easily with it. When I tried it in the bath it gave plenty of foamy bubbles that lasted and as you would expect the fragrance lasted much longer on my skin better after a bath. I used the hand and nail cream as a body moisturiser too as the layering of the products meant the fragrance lasted much longer.

Lockdown has played havoc with my hair so I was hoping that the Lacura hair mask with coconut and fig would be able to improve the condition of my hair whilst I wait for hairdressers to open again. It promises to help hair look revived, restored, repaired, tamed and deeply conditioned – with the current state of my hair just one of these claims would be warmly welcomed!! The hair mask is packaged in a stylish pink pot with a screw top lid and is in a jazzy cardboard box. The wide neck of the jar makes it easy to scoop the hair mask out and I couldn’t wait to try it.

The instructions say to apply a generous amount after shampooing, distribute evenly and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. For very damaged hair they recommend that you leave the mask in overnight, so this is what I tried first. After washing my hair I applied the mask and wrapped my hair in a buff to stop the product rubbing off on my pillowcase overnight. In the morning I rinsed it off and I could tell straight away that my hair had liked the treatment. Once dry, my hair was lovely and soft and my curls were defined and bouncy. This is a great addition to my haircare routine and costs a very affordable £4.99. I can see me using this regularly as an intensive conditioner to give my hair a boost. I’m not really keen on coconut fragranced products as I find they can be a little too strong but this mask is gently fragrance and quite pleasant to use.

I am really impressed with these products, not only do they add a touch of glamour in the bathroom they are inexpensive too so you can afford to treat yourself when you are doing the weekly shop!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: Hair mask £4.99 & Paradise skincare products £2.19

The products can be purchased from Aldi here.

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