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Aldi Chalk Paint Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

If you are a fan of recycling and upcycling furniture look no further than Aldi’s range of paints and DIY tools. Aldi kindly sent through not only four or their five colour range of chalk paints, but a range of tools to assist in preparing my next project. I received the following:
Ferrex Detail Sander £12.99
Ferrex Mini Cutter – £12.99
Ferrex Mini Bench Grinder £24.99
400ml can of Copper Spray paint £3.99
750ml tins of Chalk paint in Sage Green, Charcoal, Chalk White and Clotted Cream (there is also a fifth colour, Grey) £4.99 per tin
Two packs of brushes, large and small £2.99 per pack
Two pairs of work gloves £1.99 per two pair pack
The first thing to do was choose my piece to revamp. I decided on a small shelf unit which had previously been painted in a dark blue gloss with coloured detailing. I set up the sander which was very simple, it comes with a pack of sand paper, in several different grades, which just attach with Velcro and a dust bag. Being mini, the sander was perfect for small pieces of furniture and got right into to all the fine details, taking the majority of the dark gloss straight off, very impressive and a lot less work than by hand. After it was washed and dried, the next job was to paint the first coat. The Chalk paint went on quickly and with good coverage, especially as I had chosen white and it had to cover blue. Afterwards the brushes washed out straight away, just using water and a squirt of washing up liquid as the chalk paint is water based. Its also odourless, so you don’t get horrid paint smells in the house whilst it dries. It takes 2 hours to dry between coats , so I didn’t get chance to complete all the detailing, a job for next weekend, but what I have done I’m really pleased with.
While the paint was drying, I got chance to try out the mini cutter, useful for cardboard, fabric etc it was the perfect tool for cutting my new blackout blind to size. It took on the job effortlessly and was a lot easier than using scissors. A very useful item for the crafting box.
I must admit I was unsure what to do with a bench grinder. On closer inspection though it also has a polishing stone and a long flexible hose with 10 different grinding attachments, before I had chance to try it out though my husband “borrowed” it to sharpen his kindling axe! I got a good report back and lots of wood chopped so I can say it worked well however.
The work gloves we both thought were great, as they were close fitting they were perfect for painting but also for many other jobs round the house. At £1.00 a pair they were a bargain as were all the other tools. The paint in particular was a fraction of the price of other brands with no loss of quality. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Aldi DIY and crafting range, in fact I have already told several like minded friends about the paint and the mini detail sander.
I can’t wait to finish my project and get my shelf up on the bathroom wall, I am planning on white, with charcoal detailing and some copper highlights to go perfectly with my new monochrome bathroom, all thanks to Aldi.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.99

You can purchase this product from Aldi here

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