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Rosemullion Distillery Christmas Spirit Review


Reviewed by Nigel Chester

I was absolutely delighted to receive a bottle of Christmas spirit from the Rosemullion distillery, which I was to learn is a family run small craft distillery set in rural Cornwall. They make both gin and rum, and now, the Christmas spirit.
Along with the beautiful little bottle containing 25cl of 40% by volume spirit, came a high quality, card information leaflet displaying their other products which I have yet to try, but am looking forward to working my way through, many of them, award winning.
I love everything about this product and feel sure I will be slipping a few bottles in Santa’s stocking firstly, the bottle itself is smooth and tactile and fits smoothly into the hand in much the same way as a perfume bottle or hip flask, I loved the green and gold paper label around the neck declaring that the product is made from traditional Christmas herbs and spices, and the genuine cork stopper gave a satisfying pop. On the rear of the bottle is a small hand signed label giving information regarding the bottle number and the batch, this gives a personal feel, everything about the presentation was 100% spot on, I was almost nervous to sip the contents in fear of being let down, I really needn’t have worried. This offered Cornish Christmas in a glass, and it delivered.
Like that moment it Disney’s Ratatouille, where the food critic is taken back to his impoverished childhood I was delivered to my grandparents house where the cloves and oranges reminded me of the brown herbal sweets my grandad always had in his pocket and would occasionally share with me, but don’t be fooled, at 40% abv this has a kick, I want to say like a mule, but this is Christmas so it has to be like a reindeer.
The viscosity of the spirit is that of whisky or gin, but for some reason seems thicker than that and reminded me more of Drambuie, its hard to imagine that such a thin liquid can produce such a full flavour that is warming, in a peppery way, but not burning, initially I sipped it neat, but then realised that by adding it to hot chocolate, I could get a sublime combination, my husband, not being a fan of sweet drinks, assured me that it was perfect in his fresh ground morning coffee, a weekend treat.
As these summer days are turning more autumnal, I think our Sunday mornings are going to have a definite kick about them. Remembering the warm glowing cereal advert of my childhood, I have discovered central heating for adults, however remember to drink responsibly, this is a strong spirit. I always used a measure and never had more than 5ml, believe me, its enough. The website suggests that pairing it with ginger ale, I have yet to try this but would imagine that this would be a good combination.
This pure Cornish spirit has approved origin status and is made entirely in Cornwall and uses many Cornish ingredients. I like to buy original gifts and always endeavour to find products made in the United Kingdom if I can. Prior to receiving this delightful little bottle, I had not heard of Rosemullion distillery, but now I have I will become an avid follower and can’t wait to try the rest of their range of products.
In summary, this is a grown up Christmas present, beautifully presented, strong full flavours, not to be missed.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £16.00

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