Things That Make Life Easier As A Busy Working Mum


As a busy single mum running my own business part-time and in the final stages of completing a postgraduate degree, I find that I have to be so organised to keep on top of things at home.  I also have disabilities and have…over the years… learnt how to adapt by using certain pieces of equipment to do things like cooking, get in and out of the bath etc.  I live in a three bedroom privately rented house and try my utmost to keep the house and gardens in excellent condition.  Gardening is something that I do not attempt myself.  I also live on a tight budget and do not have money spare to pay for a gardener.  If I could afford a gardener I would search for one using a website such as Trust a Trader.  Thankfully I have lovely people in my life who help me with my gardening.   That said, the grass in my back garden seems to look in poor condition whenever it is trimmed. As a family we love outdoor time and my garden truly is my ‘happy place’.   

Some months ago my sister had artificial grass laid in her back garden.  She and my niece have since been enjoying more outdoor time and the fact that artificial grass is so low maintenance, making life so much easier for them both.   My niece is a student at a dance school in London.  She has been able to perform her dance routines out in the garden and their rescue dog can enjoy garden fun too.   My sister’s back garden has very much become her happy place and that is to a large part due to her purchase of artificial grass.  I also think that it would be great from the point of view of not leaving patches when paddling pools or other inflatable items are removed. 

If I did own my own home here in the UK, then I would have no hesitations about getting Astroturf laid in both my front and back garden. I think that in the long run it would save so much money and garden maintenance.  I was amazed at how much like real grass artificial grass looks and the fact that you can make an informed decision which one to buy based on its softness rating, wear rating, weight and thickness.  As much as I am very grateful to the people in my life who do my garden maintenance, I cannot wait for the day when I won’t have to bother them to cut my grass. 

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