Bluebeards Revenge Beard Grooming Kit and Soap Stack Kit Review


Reviewed by Lauren O’Hara

When given the opportunity to review the Bluebeards Revenge products I thought it would be perfect for my husband. I had him use the products over a few days and asked him to write the review himself – you will find that below. A bit of background on my husband first. He is a no fuss kind of guy. He does not use ‘products’ and he is a nightmare to buy presents for. I thought this was the perfect useful product for him and I was not disappointed! Over to him…

I got the gift pack and thought it was a great idea. My wife always says I’m difficult to get presents for because I only like useful things so I think she was relieved that she had found me a practical present that I have a regular use for.

I have a short beard and, to be honest, I had never put any kind of product on it at all. I just wash it, clip it and that’s it, so using beard oil was a total novelty. The oil smells nice and went on easily. I think with a longer beard you would see an effect if using it but my beard is too short to see any styling or to get it to go in any particular direction. It did feel good to rub the oil in and definitely made it shiny and very clean-looking though.

The pack came with a travel brush that was useful for combing it through – again, with a longer beard you would see more of an effect for the styling but I found the brush was good. It helps to remove dirt and oil and after using it with the beard oil I did notice my beard was softed. It is made from natural materials, the bristles are boar hair and the handle is made from responsibly sourced beech wood. They also have a vegan version of the same brush if you prefer (Synthetic Travel Beard Brush)

Along with the Beard Grooming Kit we were sent the Soap Stack Kit which contains three individually wrapped bars of soap in their signature hand and body soaps. I only use bars of soap to try and reduce plastic consumption so that was a positive for me. I liked the Cuban gold one best but they’re all decent. We also used them on our little sons and they liked them too.

I think the beard oil and soaps are useful. I’ll keep a bottle of the beard oil in my cabinet – for me it might be more of a special occasion, but I’ll definitely use it now and then. I might grow my beard longer and see if it works for that better as well. The only reason I would not give it full marks is the packaging. We are trying really hard to reduce our plastic use and both of these kits and the box that they were shipped in had a lot of plastic. I think this could be reduced. Other than that the products were great and we will definitely be ordering more from Bluebeards Revenge to try out.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: Beard Grooming Kit £23.99 Soap Stack Kit £13.99

This product can be purchased from Blue Beard Revenge here

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