Online Learning – A-Levels and GCSEs Review

A-Levels and GCSEs are not your first thoughts when you think about online learning, even though online learning has been around for years now, people still think the limits of its potential are for Diplomas, rather than A-Levels and GCSEs.

Times are changing and so are the way people learn and educate themselves. No longer are you tied to a classroom in a school or evening college to study A-Levels and GCSEs, now you can simply log onto a learning system online and study course materials as and when it suits you. No more worries about term times or getting your application to enrol in on time. Now, you just fill in a form online, pay your course fees and within a few minutes you will be up and running on your educational journey.

Regardless of if you have just finished school and didn’t get the results you wanted or if you have been out of education for a while now and want to re-try getting those qualifications you want, online learning is the way to go. Affordable and flexible, you can fit your A-Level and GCSE study into your busy lifestyle.

Are Online A-Levels and GCSEs as good Traditional ones?

This is a question people new to online learning often ask. And the simple answer is yes, in some cases they are even better! The materials you study and work with have been specially designed and created to be more relevant and of use, so unlike classroom lessons where often the teaching format hasn’t changed much since A-Levels and GCSEs were introduced, the online versions demonstrate and show you the methods and theories of the course materials. You experience a variety of learning methods and throughout your studies, you have the chance to reflect and review on your learning progress.

What Subjects are available to study?

The quick and simple answer is all the subjects you can traditionally study, whether it’s Accounting or Zoology that appeals to you or your educational needs, you can enrol onto and study an online version with simplicity and ease.

Best of all, you’re not limited by previous qualifications or experience. Online A-Levels and GCSEs come with open enrolment, so just having an interest and want to study is enough for you to get on a course and get studying right away.

Rating: 5/5
RRP: £380

This product can be purchased from Open College here

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