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Top Ten Hair Tools

Having your hair styled in a way that looks good can be such a confidence booster for anyone, but how can you achieve this look in amongst a busy day of parenting, work or other commitments?   I have found that finding the right hair tool plays a key part in achieving your desired look but in minimal time.  As a busy mum of 3, law student and someone who runs her own business, I tend to just wash & condition my hair and then leave it to dry naturally.  Over the years my hair seems to have become quite lifeless and somehow in between wavy and straight.    I am making a commitment to myself to find around 20 minutes a day to either straighten or curl my hair into a style I know looks good and professional.   Our reviewer team has been lucky enough over the years to review several different hair tools.   Here are our Top Ten picks:

  • Untamed Defrizz Hairdryer With Argan Oil
  • Remington Professional Silk Waving Wand
  • Go Travel Heat Proof Storage Pouch And Safety Mat
  • Instyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush
  • JML Simply Straight
  • Electric Headjog Titanium Vibe Straightener
  • THX Total Hair Experts Spiralicious Bubble Wand
  • Revamp Progloss Perfect Finish Brush
  • Electric Headjog Nano Ceramic 6000 Hairdryer
  • Haito Twister Curler
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