Revamp Progloss Perfect Finish Brush Review

Heated Hair Styling Brush

Reviewed by Louise Totton

With the Christmas party season coming up, lots of us have already started keeping an eye out for a new dress for the office party, and I had to book my appointment at the hairdresser for my pre-Christmas six-weekly trim in early October because my hairdresser’s diary was filling up! For the past few years, for my office Christmas party, I have gone for poker straight hair with my trusty straightening irons, but this year I really do fancy something a little different. I have been growing my hair for a couple of years now and it’s finally got to the point where I can actually do something with it – I’m not quite sure what I do want but I know I want something with a bit of ‘oomph’.

Because I’ve had short hair for so long, where all that has been needed for a night out is to wash it and blow dry it, occasionally running a straightening iron through, I am distinctly unpractised when it comes to adding oomph and actually getting a style that doesn’t look like I’ve just woken up! So I was really rather relieved when I was offered the opportunity of reviewing the Progloss Perfect Finish Heated Hair Styling Brush from Revamp – it did seem like it might be the answer to my prayers and even I would be able to manage to use it.

So, what is the Revamp Progloss Perfect Finish Brush? Well, it’s like a hybrid hair styling product – a mash up of a heated brush, a curling tong and a chopstick wand. The product looks like a standard heated brush but has a ceramic barrel and retractable bristles meaning that you don’t have to unwind your hair from the brush – the bit that I always struggle with!

The brush is a chunky looking heated barrel brush with a lovely matte black handle, which is easy to grip and comfortable to hold. All of the controls are on the ergonomic handle and are really easy to reach and use, whilst not being placed so you will easily knock them. There are three push buttons on the handle: a power button and a heat up and heat down button to allow you to select the right temperature for your hair and your style. The lower temperatures are ideal if your hair is finer or you are looking for subtle waves, and the higher temperatures are the ones to go for if you have thicker hair or want more of a dramatic effect. The barrel brush has five different operating temperatures, and these are etched on the handle of the brush, with little LED indicator lights next to them. Selecting the temperature you want is just a case of using the up and down buttons to cycle between the temperatures and it’s very easy and super quick to heat up.

The other control is the one that retracts the bristles of the brush, and it is located towards the top of the handle, in the perfect position for your thumb to reach and it operates as a mechanical, sliding control.

This brush really is super easy to use – I used it once my hair was about 95% dry and thought that the results were fantastic. It’s easier to use than either curling tongs or a chopstick styler because of the bristles – they grab the hair for you, so you don’t need to use your fingers to hold the hair in place as you wind it around the heated barrel. The other thing that makes using it so easy is the length of the cord – it’s 3m long which makes a massive difference when the plug is at floor level and you stand up to do your hair. The plug socket in my house is a little way from my wardrobe, where I stand to use the full-length mirror to do my hair. Products with 2m cables aren’t quite long enough as I like to get quite close to the mirror to see what I’m doing. The super length of the cable means I can do this and still have spare length so I can easily move the styler around my head.

The heating time is fantastic too, taking less than a minute to fully heat up. It also has a safety cut off feature too and will automatically turn off after 72 minutes. I was really pleased with the styler and found it to be even more versatile than I had thought it would be. As well as using it to create curls, waves and volume (which it does incredibly well and easily), it can also be used to create flicks and even to straighten and smooth for a sleeker style.

The ceramic barrel means that the heat is distributed nice and evenly, and once you have retracted the bristles, I found that my hair just slid off the barrel without catching or snagging. Your hair is also protected from the damage that heat styling can often cause as the barrel is enriched with Argan, coconut and Keratin oils, leaving your hair feeling lovely and silky after you have used it.

I was really pleased with this styler. The quality feels fantastic and it really does do what it promises. I managed to create body, waves, flicks and sleeker styles with it and even for someone like me who is distinctly unpractised at creating grown-up hair styles. It’s good value for money compared to other stylers I have seen, and I would certainly recommend it if you want to make waves this Christmas.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £59.99

For more information or to buy visit Also available to buy from Amazon here.

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