THX Total Hair Experts Spiralicious Bubble Wand Review

Reviewed by Natalie Kitchen

Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with lovely thick luxurious locks. My hair is fine and looks very limp and thin most of the time. So when I’m going out for the night or somewhere special, I like to curl my hair to make it look thicker and like it has more volume. Currently I curl my hair either with my straighteners or with my curling wand. The THX (Total Hair Experts) Spiralious Bubble Wand is a little different to my usual curling wand so I was eager to give it a try. The barrel of the wand has bubbles in it that act as guides to give you defined spirals.

I opened the box and well packaged inside was the curling wand, a set of instructions and that all important heat protective glove to stop you from burning your hand when you accidentally touch the wand. The first thing I noticed about the wand was how light it is which is going to help to stop those sore arms you get from holding a curling wand up for the time it takes to curl your hair. One of the things I really liked about this curling wand was the long mains cable. I only have one mirror in my house which is in the bathroom. The nearest plug is on the landing and I usually have to dig out an extension lead everytime I curl my hair but this curling wand has a 3 metre cable so it reached perfectly with no need for the extension lead. I also liked that it has a cool tip so if you accidently touch the end of the wand with your arm whilst you are wrapping your hair around it, you are not going to burn yourself. It also has an extra-long barrel which is great if you have long hair.

Once you plug these in they heat up to 220 degrees really fast but you’re advised to leave them for 3 minutes to let the wand temperature stabilise. The wand is easy to use. You just use the clamp (although this is optional as it creates tighter curls) to hold the sections of hair up close to the root, and wind your hair along the wand. Hold for a few sections then release the clamp and pull away for a lovely neat curl. You have 2 options depending on the type of curl you want. For a more tousled look you can wrap your hair around the bubbles and for more defined spirals you wrap your hair between the bubbles. I went for the defined spirals and the finished look is great. My fine hair is all curly and looks so much thicker.

It took me a couple of curls to get the hang of which direction to wrap my hair (which is the same with me and all curling wands!) but once I got the hang of it they were very easy to use. I do think they would suit someone with longer hair better. My hair is shorter than I usually have it at the moment, just touching my shoulders, so the only downside for me was that the extra -long barrel made it difficult for me to wrap the shorter, bottom layers around the long wand. The top layers were a lot easier though. The thing I loved about Spiralious wand over my usual curling wand was that the bubbles gave me more options when it came to choosing what look I wanted. Whether it be proper defined spirals for a night out or a more tousled look for the day. I would definitely choose these over my regular curling wand from now on.


I would definitely recommend this curling wand to my friends. I give it a 4/5 but that is only because my hair is shorter and I found the long barrel made it harder to wrap my shorter layers around the wand. When my hair is long again I know it would be a 5/5.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £25

Available to buy from Tesco Direct here.

4 Star

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