My Little Duckling Brightside Baby Pilot Hat Review

BabyPilotHatBaby Pilot Hat

Reviewed by Rachel Cassey-Holland

Having never seen a baby’s pilot hat before I was very intrigued with absolutely no expectations about what I was about to receive! From the My Little Ducking website I selected the “Brightside” (navy blue and orange) in age 1-3 as my little boy (12 months) has a double crown and big head! The package arrived quickly – the hat was wrapped in tissue paper, which gave it an extra special feel, and there was a coupon enclosed offering me 10% off an online order!

When I first saw the hat I must admit I wasn’t really sure about it. I felt perhaps the main colour was a little dull for a baby (to me it seemed like a dull black rather than a navy blue) and my little boy is very pale skinned so I did worry the dull/bright orange combination would make him look washed out. I was also wondering if the material would be warm enough as it really has a fabric feel, rather than a fleece or wool effect. As soon as I put it on my son, however, I had absolutely no doubt that it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen him wear.

We received it in time to set off for the school run and it’s been cold this week so I put the hat to the test straight away. It has really kept him toasty and warm and, in fact, seems really soft and non-irritating as some woolly type hats can be a little itchy. It also covers his ears beautifully, which I find difficult with him. My two other children absolutely loved the hat, so I decided to gauge the opinion of some of the other mums at school. The overall consensus so far is that it is a very cute hat and very unusual – I didn’t receive one negative comment. This continues to be the case.

When I got home I examined the hat more closely. It is very well made and the fabric appears to be very good quality. My oldest son (age 5) thought that the goggles were moveable and I caught him furiously tugging at them to move them or take them off – the hat withstood that perfectly. He finished off the testing by putting it on his own head. He is 5, with a very large head (as big as my husband’s!) and it fitted him beautifully. I was amazed.

All in all I would definitely recommend these hats to other parents. My only comment/suggestion would be about the colours – it’s a slight bugbear of mine that clothing manufacturers seem to think boys only want to wear generic or dull colours. I was very tempted to try the hat in Little Miss Lollipop or Miss Dragonfly, but the fact that these are classified as “Girls” hats dissuaded me. My three boys all look lovely in bright colours and they do wear pink, so I would really recommend not making these hats gender distinctive and branching out into different and brighter colours.

In conclusion I give the Baby Pilot Hat a big thumbs up.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £14.99

Available to buy from My Little Duckling in sizes from 6 months to 3 years here.


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