Remington Professional Silk Waving Wand Review


Reviewed by Gemma Ingham

In my quest for fashionably tousled boho waves, curly up do’s and the ‘I didn’t really spend an hour creating these curls, my hair naturally does this’ kind of styles I have tried tons of products. Each one of them has failed on some level. The heated curlers that were too fiddly, the sleep in curlers that were too curly, the curling tongs that were too kinky, the straightening iron that I could not make curl no matter what, the waving barrel that was just a mess, and add in the fact that my thick slightly wavy, frizzy hair just does not seem to like styling appliances I had lost hope of ever having any other style than straight (or naturally frizzy).

I was quite excited to try the styling wand but also I just knew that it would fail me in some way like the others. However, it was a style of product I hadn’t tried before so gave it a whirl. First of all I washed and dried my hair, then I straightened it to try to get some of the natural frizz out of it. I had already applied heat protection spray, which is a must as this product gets as hot as 220c.

The box of the Remington Silk Waving Wand is smooth, sleek and glossy. Inside you find the styling wand, a heat resistant pouch and a glove. Yes, a glove. At first I was surprised, but this glove is actually a heat resistant glove. The waving wand works by holding it next to your head and wrapping a section of your hair around it. Because it’s not like other tongs I have used that have a clamp to hold the end of your hair in place, you use your fingers, hence needing the glove. For the 10 seconds or so you are holding the end of your wrapped hair in place you find out just how hot the wand gets. With the glove on it’s just a slightly warm feeling. Without the glove you are risking a burn (I found out the hard way). The wand also has a ‘cool tip’ at the end. While I wouldn’t call it cool (it’s more like quite warm), it does mean you avoid catching your hand or arm on it. Remington have done well in making what could be a potentially painful beauty tool quite safe and easy to use. The downside of having to wear the glove however, is it reduces sensation to your fingers, meaning that when I was wrapping my hair around the wand I often couldn’t feel where the end of my section of hair was so it would slip right out of my hand meaning I had to do it again.

The wand has temperature controls and the on/off switch on the side. Hold the switch to turn it on and use the temperature controls to set the heat. The digital display shows the temperature and has 3 bars at the side to show it is warming up. It heats up really quickly, in about 30 seconds. You can lock the temperature – an excellent idea as I found the buttons were placed so that my thumb seemed to naturally catch them, so it would be very easy to accidentally change temperature. In fact, I did find a few times that I accidentally turned it off by my thumb catching the on/off button but this is easily rectified by just checking the display is still on every so often.

The waving wand itself is incredibly light and easy to use. It fits comfortably in my hand, and has a long swivel cord so really convenient. It’s so slim that it’s easy to place curls and waves precisely where you want them, and your waves can be made as uniform or messy as you like.

I found it took only about 20 minutes to do my shoulder length thick hair and through experimenting with different temperatures and length of time holding my hair around the wand found I could achieve an extremely loose barely there wave, through to a tight coiled ringlet. The length of the wand means there is plenty of room for wrapping hair so is good for longer lengths.

After leaving my curls to cool for 5 minutes I lightly brushed through them with my fingers and to my absolute amazement had the lovely wavy tousled look I had been trying to achieve for years! I was beyond happy. Because of the wands smooth silk ceramic coating the strands of my hair had no frizz at all and it looked like a hairstyle I would expect to have after leaving the hairdressers.

The Remington Silk Waving Wand is definitely going to become one of my daily essential items and I am so pleased to have finally found something that delivers what it promises.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £34.99

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