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DIY Board Games Review

Reviewed by Emma Lydon

I remember spending many a rainy Sunday afternoon enjoying board games with my family as a child and am pleased to see that my eldest girl (aged 5) seems to follow in my footsteps. I was looking forward to receiving the DIY Board Games set and I was not disappointed.

DIY Board Games contains 5 games in one: Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Draughts, Backgammon and Game of the Goose. The unique edge that this has over standard board games of this type is that it allows the children to colour, stick, assemble and glue all the various pieces and boards associated with the games. Now this is music ears as it combines two of my children’s favourite activities: crafts and games.

A very sturdy and good quality box, it should hold up to the not so gentle treatment that my 5 year old and nearly 3 year old can give to their toys. Not too big either, which was good to see, as storing so many of these toys can be a problem.

The box contains 5 game boards, along with the counters, dice, stickers and pieces to assemble. The boards and counters can be coloured in and decorated, but not so intricate that younger children would struggle. The cut out, fold and glue pieces will definitely need an adult to help the younger children. There are lots of pieces to assemble or colour but this is not a bad thing – rather than being an onerous task to be completed before you can play the game, it is a fun and enjoyable way to personalise the game. Draughts, Snakes & Ladders and Backgammon can be played straight away without the need to assemble anything.


The instructions, as well as giving you the rules of play, also gives tips and guidance on how to put the games together. The instruction booklet is clear and concise.

This is not just a product for children, the addition of Backgammon and Draughts in particular appeals to the older children/adults market. Snakes and Ladders is the current favourite in our house, closely followed by Game of the Goose, which is simple to follow for younger children.

A quality product with a unique twist to the traditional board game. If, like me, you have creative kids who love to play games then this would be the perfect purchase and would make a wonderful gift. As the box contains 5 games, along with all the extra creative hours spent customising each one, the price is very reasonable and good value for money.

I would give this product 5/5. I can’t fault it, the kids loved the creative side of it and I’m sure we’ll spend many rainy days in our house playing it!

Suitable age: 4 years + (Warning: Choking Hazard – Small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years)

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Laurence King Publishing here.


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