Electric HeadJog Nano Ceramic 6000 Hairdryer Review

Reviewed by Katy Nettleton

What the manufacturers say:


• Nano Ceramic Bead technology.
• Wattage: 2000w.
• Perfectly balanced for all day use.
• 6 Switch combination – 3 heat and 2 speed.
• Coldshot button.
• Supplied with a nozzle and 3 metre cable.
• Built in noise reducer.

NANO CERAMIC BEADS: Nano Ceramic heat, created by the ceramic beads in the element, emits far-infrared. The Nano Ceramic radiant heat allows water molecules inside the hair strand. This fast and efficient process helps prevent heat damage for less frizz and more shine. Far-infrared also helps blood circulation leave a healthier hair.

IONIC & CERAMIC – Essential for healthy, static-free, frizz-free hair.

The effects of CERAMICS and IONIC permits heat to be radiated directly inside the hair, without drying out the hair’s external structure. This technology preserves the natural moisture in the hair, making it shinier, softer and healthier.

What I say:

Ok, so if you are like me and NEED a new hairdryer as your other one has given up the ghost – how do you choose what to buy? Is it based on price, colour or the technical details? For me – I didn’t know where to start… a visit to a well-known beauty shop gave me a headache – there was over 50, with a range of prices and statements by the manufacturers on what the hairdryer could offer but what did that mean to me and my hair?

I am not what you would call a girly girl, understanding the latest technology and how it would improve my life – for me I wanted a hairdryer which was quick, efficient and made my hair shiny like on the adverts (maybe wishful thinking) and protected it from more damage than I already impose with constant hair fiddling and colouring! So how did the Nano Ceramic live up to the statements?


The hairdryer came in a very contemporary box (plain black with neon blue and black writing on) and made me slightly giddy on opening it – like a child at Christmas! Once I worked through the box and the (glamorous brochure of the product range) I found a plain but elegant looking hairdryer and 2 nozzles (which for me is a god send as I often loose these!), the hairdryer was not heavy, but not the lightest of hairdryers (which was not a problem). The cable is longer than the average length for a hairdryer (3 metres), which again is a blessing for me as I have managed to position my dressing table at the opposite side to plugs in my bedroom! So this is definitely a huge plus – and one area I would look at again for other electrical beauty items. I have mid length (just below shoulders) hair which is not thick but I have lots of it, and used to take around 20 minutes when blow drying so I decided to give the hair dryer a “test drive;”

“Test Drive 1”:   “wafting” my hair with my head upside down (with the hottest heat and quickest speed setting) – would this hairdryer reduce frizz? If I am honest my hair was shinier but had more static in from using this hairdryer that with my previous hairdryer, however it only took 5 minutes – so to me this was a huge positive and as I was only pulling my hair back in a bobble the static was not a problem!

With the second “test drive” I had enough time to style my hair properly and used a lower heat (there are 3 heat and 2 speed settings) and lower speed settings, allowing me time to brush my hair as it dried. The result; frizz free hair with shine! It took me around 10 minutes to completely dry my hair, so a huge time saving for getting ready for a night out (when it finally does happen with children)! The hairdryer was not heavy for this period of time, and did not get hot to touch.

The third “test drive”… My five year old twin daughters! OK, so they don’t have thick hair so time isn’t a problem, but with a hairdryer I like to be able to dry their hair in the winter (to try and keep the chill off as my Grandma would say) so need one that will dry their hair quickly whilst not burning their hands or head! So for my first girl, I dried her hair on the coolest setting and the highest speed with the result being shiny and dry hair with a little bit of static (but not too much to really notice if you weren’t looking for problems). For my second girl I allowed her to dry her own hair (to check the weight rather than me having a rest!) and she was more than happy drying her hair and looking in the mirror as she did and didn’t complain about using the hairdryer once!

Overall, I highly rate this hairdryer and would definitely buy again. It feels like a quality item that will last for years and can stand being dropped a couple of times!  5/5 for me, my daughters’ only comments was “black is boring – you need it in pink” – which they do have so need to remember to buy the pink one next time!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39.95

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