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Reviewed by Anna McKernon

I was recently asked to review a Personalised Football Club Diary from gift website I Just Love It. The diary is an ideal gift for any football fan as it is available from a choice of 62 teams, whilst also providing you the option to choose which month of the year you want it to start from, making it an ideal gift for a birthday or Christmas. The diary can be personalised with the recipient’s name on the outside as well as their name and a special message inside, making it a unique gift for the recipient. The diary consists of twelve different headline stories for your chosen team, each used to separate a different month.


When viewing the diary, the first impression is that it is a good quality product. The outside has a sturdy textured cover with embossed lettering and the inside is printed on a high quality paper. The diary is of an A5 size, with one week per page. Each month starts with a newspaper headline story for your chosen team and ends with a notes page. Having one week per page could make it difficult to write more than a few notes per day, as each individual day square measures 6.5cm x 5cm. If this was a gift for a student or someone with a busy agenda, they could struggle to write all that was required within the space provided. Although the diary provides a notes page at the end of each month, if this was used as an overflow for a certain date, I would probably forget what I had written on it as it is only viewed once you reach the end of the month.

The selling point for the diary is ‘football headlines’ for your favourite team, which for me was Tottenham Hotspur. This idea appealed to me, as the headlines cover a wide period of time, for example for Tottenham, it started from the 1921 FA Cup Final ending at the 2008 League Cup Final. Although, if the recipient was like me and wanted to read further into the story, this was not possible as after the main headline, the rest of the text was blurred and not eligible to read. I understand the concept of the diary is football headlines, but it would have been good to have been able to read the relating article too.


One downside I felt with the diary was the quality of the printing inside. As mentioned above, each day consists of a small square, 32 of the day squares within the diary I was sent, the printing was extremely faded and appeared as a very faint pale grey compared to the dark contrast black for the other squares.  The square for March 11th had a block black line down the centre.

Overall, I liked the idea and layout of the diary. As mentioned I would have preferred slightly larger squares per day, as I did struggle on certain pages to write all that was required within the square. I liked the 12 story headlines for each team as it is a good reminder of your team’s history. I would recommend this to others, as if I was to receive this as a gift, I would be pleased with it. The quality of printing standard, mentioned above, dropped my rating score, as if I had received a diary with the same quality of printing as in mine, I would not be happy giving it to someone as a gift.

Rating: 3.5/5

RRP: £14.99

Available to buy from I Just Love It here.

3 half Star

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