Go Travel Heat-proof Storage Pouch and Safety Mat Review


Reviewed by Jane Warwick

This product arrived in a bubble wrap envelope and it was great to see that there was no wasteful packaging such as a plastic mould around the product. The safety mat /storage pouch are an all in one and came in a cardboard folded pocket with what it is and its features clearly featured on the front in a modern, attractive format, with easy to read instructions which included photographs displayed on the back. It is very light and if you wish to get it within one or two days for your holiday then you just need to pay an additional small amount for postage and packaging.

I have a number of styling irons; two types of straighteners and a curling wand so I was very keen to put this storage pouch/safety mat to use.

The safety mat has a bright cheerful tropical holiday design as its external cover which although quite bright for me makes it very easy to see and retrieve from my luggage and see where I have placed it in the room. The surface of the mat is easy to clean as you simply just need to wipe it to remove a mark.

The inner black felt surface, has two felt pouches. These are both long and rectangular with one being slightly shorter and wider than the other. The longer pouch is for the styling iron and the other to insert the lead with the plug poking out of the top. All three straighteners fitted easily into the pouch, though the end of curling wand poked out of the mat by 5/6 cm. The lead fitted into the second pouch though this was a little bit fiddley as the lead had to be stuffed down the pouch. The plug cannot fit into the pouch and sticks out at the top but still within the mat. The mat is then folded in half, so the external surface is only exposed and held together easily and neatly by attaching the 2 elastic black loops to separate buttons. This design made it very easy to open and close the mat.

On the whole the storage space for my styling irons was fine, though the pouch for the lead and plug could be bigger to make it easier and quicker to put the leads away.  

However, the best part of this product by far is the safety feature. I was able to leave my hair straighteners on the mat when they were on, therefore protecting the surface they were on. In the past I have always been worried about putting them on their flimsy mat as I have worried about whether I would damage my carpet/duvet/chair/table. But the best, best, best, bit of this product; my favourite feature; is the fact that I can put the styling irons directly back into the pouch when they are still hot knowing that they will not burn the pouch, mat or anything else. This allowed me to finish restyling my hair just before I left to go out which is really useful when travelling. It has a fully tested heat-resistant lining up to 230c.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £7.99

For more information or to buy visit go.travel.

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