JoJo Maman Bebe Christmas Skittles Review

Christmas Skittles

Reviewed by Lynsey Miller

This set includes six beautifully painted wooden Christmas figure skittles which include a Santa Clause, a Mrs Clause, a Rudolf the Reindeer, a Snowman and two Elf’s as well as two colourful balls.

Each skittle looks fantastic. They are painted in nice bright bold Christmas colours and have lovely detail for each of the characters. They are solid and sturdy small wooden figures that are the perfect size for little hands. They look and feel great quality and would make a wonderful Christmas gift for not only children but stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts for those big kids too.

The set came in a great little gift box which will be good to store them away later. It arrived quickly and was well packaged.

I gave the figures to my two-year-old daughter and showed her how to line them up and how to roll the ball to knock them back down. She was fascinated straightaway with the game and had lots of fun standing them up in different formations and knocking them back down again. Once she tired of knocking them over, she then played with them as figure toys and even started knocking them together to make her very own festive musical instrument. The figures were also great for teaching her who some of the favourite Christmas characters are.

So, this is very much a versatile toy. And because they look so beautiful, they not only make a great toy to keep youngsters busy, but they also look lovely as little Christmas ornaments around the house. A definite bonus as I don’t see them as toys just lying around but instead a nice little touch of Christmas decorating the house, which has meant I haven’t found myself complaining to my daughter about tidying up after herself as much. So positive for the whole family.

My niece and nephew who are five and seven came to visit and both also had a load of fun with the skittles. Albeit a far more competitive game than my daughters the night before but lots of fun all the same. After a while of family competitions, the kids started to make up their own games with the figures which kept them entertained all evening. So there doesn’t appear to be an age limit on who can enjoy these skittles. However, they are not recommended for children under the age of three years old.

These Christmas skittles retail at £15 which I feel is very reasonable for such a beautifully crafted quality toy that has already provided my daughter and family hours of fun, not to mention the extra bonus of them making a beautiful Christmas decoration for the house.

This set is a definite winner in our household and I think would be a fantastic addition to any family. They would also make a lovely Christmas gift for any special children or adults that have made it onto your nice list this year. I would give these skittles five stars out of five.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15

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