Doidybowl and Cup Gift Pack Review

Reviewed by Amanda Browne

The brightly coloured Doidybowl and Cup Gift Pack, made by Bickiepegs, comes in a fantastic brightly coloured red, blue or pastel pink. The gift pack of a weaning bowl and cup comes in a resealable bag, very handy if your feeding your baby on the go between home, your mums, your friends or just always on the move.

Finding the right feeding utensils for your baby can be quite a chore, there are so many different designs to choose from how can you possibly know what will work best without buying? Most of the bowls I have previously bought have been launched over the side of the high hair complete with contents about ten times per mealtime. Babies are so unpredictable just when you think you have mealtimes under control you blink and the bowl and their dinner is flying through the air to land minus contents on your favourite rug!

Look no further the Doidybowl has a unique suction bottom-activated by pulling the tab on the side of the bowl. What a flipping revelation. No more flying dinners in our house. This bowl is flexible and totally designed to aid your weaning baby. With a higher lipped side it aids your child when learning to feed itself, a real bonus is you can wash in hot soapy water or the dishwasher. Win, win. The bowl is also microwave safe so if you wanted to heat something up in the bowl you can.

I really like the bowl, soft to the touch and flexible if your child leans on the bowl they can reach in without rigid sides aiding them to be able to grasp finger foods.

This bowl comes with a matching cup. Made from a robust plastic with side holders well suited for little fingers. The special slant to the cup will allow your child to sip their drink with ease. That said, they will learn after tipping theirs drinks over themselves many many times that they really don’t need to tilt he cup much to get their drink. The handles could be a little better in my opinion, easier to grasp for little hands. Like its counterpart bowl it’s dishwasher safe.

I like the idea of a cup with no sippy lid it appeals, don’t they always get ruined and bitten once your adorable cherub has teeth. With no lid it prepares your baby for drinking from a grown-up cup. I know we don’t want them to grow up too fast, but these weaning aids really do work. They are recommended over traditional cups. Reading up, health professionals recommend this range, which brings reassurance. The range is available from a wide variety of stores in a variety of colours, seventeen to be exact (if not as bought as the gift pack)! The range is suitable for three months plus.

If you’re looking for a baby gift for your friend or work colleague or even for your grandchild I would really recommend this gift pack, maybe as a stocking filler for Christmas or part of a baby shower gift, this really is a practical gift pack that both mum and baby will get hours and hours of use out of. Big thumbs up from us, it survived many many mealtimes and even think we might save for the next bundle of joy! This set washed up well time and time again, it will be a brilliant addition to your range of aids to help your child feed themselves independently, which of course is what you want.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.50

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