Cineworld Gift Card Review

Reviewed by Louise Watts

After a hectic week moving house, what could be more relaxing than a trip to the cinema? The perfect excuse to sit down for a couple of hours and put everything that still needs doing to the back of my mind! This is exactly what I did on Saturday morning. The biggest decision I had to make was what film to watch. 

Cineworld have many cinemas all over the country, my nearest being Crawley, West Sussex. I was given a £10 gift card and left to decide how I wanted to spend it. The voucher arrived in an envelope with the traditional Cineworld colours of red and black. In the envelope was a card and the gift card itself was attached inside. There was clear wording that it was for the value of £10 and could be redeemed either in your local cinema or online.

I looked at the Cineworld website so see what films were on locally on Saturday and the prices. An adult ticket (2D) was £12.20 and a child ticket was £9.70. There is the option to become a Cineworld plus member for a yearly fee of £5.95 meaning that tickets are then available at the reduced price of £11.05 for an adult and £8.80 for a child. Senior Citizens and students are offered a slightly reduced price and a family ticket can also be bought to save a little money.

Certain films are also available at a significantly reduced cost and these are during school holidays and on weekends and are marked on the website as “Movies for Juniors”. These are children’s films that have been out for a while. In Crawley there are usually 3 choices of these movies at any one time and they tend to be shown around 10am.

My 5-year-old son had been wanting to see “The Playmobil Movie” so we decided to see that under the Movies for Juniors umbrella price of £3.20 per person (£2.95 if you are a Cineworld plus member). By using our gift card, this left us £3.60 to purchase a snack or a drink.

What struck me about the prices for films was that my £10 gift card would not have actually been enough to purchase me a single ticket to any other film. This seems a little silly to me that you can give someone a gift card but it will not actually be enough to allow them to see a film. I think the vouchers would be better off being sold as an adult or child ticket to a movie, this would then ensure that the recipient would actually be able to use it as it was intended – for them to enjoy as movie.

On arrival at Cineworld Crawley, we went to the counter to purchase a drink / snacks. I was struck by how expensive these are on site. A bag of sweets / chocolate that you could buy in a pound shop were over £3! A drink was equally as expensive and the service at the counter was slow to say the least! On a Saturday morning when you know there are lots of kids’ films on (as well as others), I would expect the counters to be better staffed. The staff themselves however were polite and working very hard to keep their customers happy. 

We went upstairs to the cinema we were allocated and watched what was a very child friendly film which we both thoroughly enjoyed! As the film finished, I took my rubbish with me (unlike many others) but was disappointed to find that there was nobody with a rubbish bag and in fact no bin available for me to dispose of my rubbish until I got to the ground floor.

Overall myself and my son had a lovely morning together at the cinema, but I still believe the vouchers would be better off as a ticket to the cinema, not a monetary value and the service at my local cinema could do with some improving.

Rating: 3/5

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