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Pindaloo – The Ultimate Skill Toy Review

Reviewed by Katie Allen

I was intrigued when I saw the Pindaloo advertised online. I’ve dabbled in juggling before and I enjoy the challenge that presents. The Pindaloo looked like a new take on juggling, so I was keen to get to know more.

The Pindaloo arrived in quite a large box for the size of the actual package but I was pleased to see there was an absence of plastic packaging even though the item itself is plastic (of course). The cardboard surrounding the toy is easily removed and shows the basic use of the item – you need to go to the Pindaloo website to fully see the potential of what you can achieve. I opened the package immediately and within 5 minutes I was able to fling the hard, yellow, ping-pong type ball around the loop and catch it again!

The bright, primary colours appealed to my 6-year-old who was drawn to the toy on her return from school. It took her a bit longer to grasp the fundamentals, but it did entertain her for a full 30 minutes, and I’ll take anything that delays turning on Netflix immediately any day! The packaging suggests it’s suitable for 9+ but my 6-year-old enjoyed it although I imagine it’ll take her quite a while to master tricks.

I can’t wait until the warmer months when we can take it with us to the beach or a family picnic. It’s small enough to pack or keep in the boot of the car and I imagine it will bring out the competitive, one-upmanship, nature in the family – especially my husband!

The ball is a lot harder and heavier than I expected so whilst playing inside is doable I wouldn’t encourage it near your Grandma’s Ming Vase. It usefully includes two yellow “caps” on each end of the Pindaloo which means you can keep the ball and the loop together.

Today, while I write this review, it is World Mental Health Day. It occurs to me that a “toy” such as the Pindaloo can be used as a form of mindfulness. Your brain can be engaged so much in the challenge and addictive nature of the tricks that you won’t be able to think about much else – freeing you up from your immediate day-to-day stresses. Maybe a daily Pindaloo fix should be enforced in office environments?

I note on the website that two colours are available, we have the blue one with yellow caps and ball, the other option is a red loop. If you become a super fan you can even buy a t-shirt online but the most useful part of the site is the “Tricks”. This opens up all the possibilities of what Pindaloo provides and gives you something to work towards. There are two beginner “tricks”, four intermediate and six advanced. You can also see the official Pindaloo Instagram feed which shows Pindaloo inspiration across the world.

The Pindaloo would make a great Christmas present or even stocking filler for anyone. If they enjoy a challenge and need an incentive to get away from the usual screens this winter – get them one!

A fun game that requires a lot of skill.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from

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