My Fairy Garden Dragons’ Tower Garden Review

My Fairy Garden

Reviewed by David Savage

Spring has sprung, Summer has vanished, and Autumn is seeing the plants disappear and leaves dropping off the trees, especially in the windy conditions we have been experiencing recently. But that doesn’t mean that mean you can’t still grow some plants and get the kids involved in nature, and in a much more interactive way than when I was growing cress at school.

My Fairy Garden have created a range of collectible playsets that encourage children to be green fingered while playing and educate them in the growing process. We received the new My Fairy Garden Dragons’ Tower Garden playset and my niece couldn’t wait to start playing with.

My Fairy Garden Dragons’ Tower Garden playset consists of:

  • Dragons’ Tower Castle
  • Baby Dragon
  • Mummy Dragon
  • Fairy Thea
  • Dragon’s eggshell
  • Pea Seeds
  • Grass Seeds
  • Instruction booklet

You will need to add some soil yourself as none is supplied with the playset.

The playset is a plastic Dragons’ Tower Castle that has 3 planting areas: 2 pots to plant the peas and roof of the castle to plant the grass. It also comes supplied with 3 quite detailed figures – a mummy dragon, a baby dragon (complete with eggshell) and a fairy.

Once we got the set out of the box, my niece couldn’t wait to get started on sowing the seeds (luckily enough I already had some soil ready). At nursery and school she had already done some planting so was quite happy to fill the pots and top of the castle tower with her soil. She was then able to sow the grass seeds of the top of the tower and the pea seeds in the plant pots the next day.

Once the seeds are planted, the seeds then require water – the baby dragons’ eggshell makes the perfect sized watering can to complete this task and is just the right size for little hands. Now she had to wait for her seeds to start growing. But she loves to play and quite happily played with the figures around the castle, its great watching her imagination at work.

Every day she checked on her planting and watered the soil. The easy grow seeds don’t take too long to start showing life and after 3 or 4 days she had the first shoots of greenery. She was over the moon with how her castle was coming along.

Overall, this is a toy that encourages creativity and use of the imagination with detailed little figures. But is also educates of how things in nature grow which then can be used as a teaching tool with discussions about how we grow food and where food comes from and encourages talk and engagement about healthy eating and eating your five-a-day. You are able to show the full journey from seed to plant.

The castle is quite sturdy and the figures are good quality. I think for £20 this is a good quality playset and the addition of real growing plants is a fantastic way to get children to learn about nature and how things grow. I think it works better than growing cress on cotton wool as the my niece plays with it every day and can see changes every day rather than putting the cress on the windowsill and forgetting about it.

The growing spaces are not very big so I am not sure how well the plants will grow but it is a great introduction to growing her own plants.

This would make an excellent Christmas gift idea for children that love dragons, fairies and who have an interest in nature and planting. My niece loves taking the dragons and fairy for a walk in her garden.

It would be better if it was supplied with a small bag of soil, but to be fair that isn’t something that is hard to source.

A fantastic idea to educate while encouraging imaginative play.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: 19.99

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