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Wilko Mason Cash Football Cake Mould Review

Reviewed by Emma Baker

Having a house full of 3 football mad males what better way to celebrate a win than baking a cake… but not just any cake… a cake that resembles a football with the Mason Cash Football Cake Mould from high giant Wilko.

We followed the recipe on the leaflet that came with the tin which was quick and easy. As the tin was made of aluminium and not the silicone style we were used to I was worried about the cake getting stuck in the tin but we greased it well and hoped for the best. We poured the mix into the tin and placed it in the oven and waited, not very patiently it seemed, ‘muuuum is it ready yet? ‘ was a regular question . ‘Can we look in the oven?’ was another. Finally the cake was completely cooked. We took it out the oven, it smelled delicious, please please turn out ok I thought. We put a plate over the top and turned it over and we patted the bottom and out popped the cake… a perfectly cooked and round football! Yey! came the cheers. We decorated it in blue and white as that’s our teams colours. While the boys finished decorating the cake I took the time to wash the tin, it washed great even the groves were easy to clean.

A great addition to our baking collection and one I can see making an appearance on a regular basis.

I would recommend this to any baker especially if they have a football fan in the family. A great price for a great item and one I will definitely be recommending to others.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £8

Available to buy from www.wilko.com.


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