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Shopkins Supermarket Playset Review

ShopkinsShopkins Supermarket Playset

Reviewed by Chris W

The Shopkins are small characters that live in a supermarket and this Shopkins Small Mart Supermarket Playset comes with 2 characters, a supermarket, a shopping trolley, shopping baskets and a checkout with moving conveyor belt.

My granddaughter loves toys where she can use her imagination and with this she is quite happily playing shop although. This supermarket playset comes with 2 Shopkins characters – a margarine tub and a hand wash bottle and these are the products for the shop. Shopkins character packs can be purchased separately to expand your characters and shop products (there are 148 Shopkins characters to collect).

The Shopkins can sit in the trolley or slide down the chute before you take your items to the checkout and move them along the conveyor belt and by turning the wheel on top the items with move along the “treadmill” which along gives the Shopkins much needed exercise after sitting in the shop all day.

My granddaughter loves the shop but with only 2 products she has improvised using other small toys so I will have to get her one of the other packs with more characters. Other items can also be purchased to expand your supermarket including a fridge and bakery.

While my granddaughter loves the Shopkins Supermarket and is great for encouraging imaginative play I feel it would be better if it came with a few more Shopkins characters.

The Shopkins Supermarket Playset is quite sturdy and durable and seems well-made so my granddaughter should get a lot of use out of it and with the options to expand it she can improve her shop and playability.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £24.99

Available to buy from Flair PLC here.

4 Star

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