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Weebledown Farm Wobbily Farm Mill & Barn Review

WeebledownFarmWeebledown Farm
Wobbily Farm Mill & Barn

Reviewed by Chris W

Weebles Wobble, but they don’t fall down! Even Rusty the Rooster Weeble in the Wobbily Farm Mill & Barn from the Weebledown Farm series on toys.

Wobbily Farm Mill & Barn is a farmyard barn with a mill, a milk churn, a slide from the mill, a spinning roundabout, a turning weather vane and of course no farm is complete without an animal so comes with the exclusive Rusty the Rooster Weeble.

My granddaughter was delighted to have the farm to play with. Rusty the Rooster can sit on top of the weather vane and be slowing spun around or you can sit him on the roundabout and by pressing the milk churn the sails on the mill will spin and so will the roundabout. But her favourite part in putting Rusty on top of the mill, pressing the milk churn and watching Rusty fall off and slide down the slide. And like all good Weebles still remains upright.

My granddaughter loves this farm and has spent hours playing with it. It encourages imaginative play and is a bright, colourful sturdy toy. And better still, it doesn’t require batteries like a lot of toys these days. Weeble packs can also be purchased that clip on to the base to extend the farmyard area. She thinks it’s brilliant.

While my granddaughter thinks its brilliant I do have some small criticisms, at £30 I think it is slightly overpriced for what you get and the limited functionality. It only comes with one Weeble and I think if came with some other smaller Weeble animals it would be better value for money. But then my granddaughter is very happy with and uses other figures and dolls she has with and has a great time and has had plenty of play time from it so as entertainment for her it is worth the money. I will have to look at getting her the tractor and other animal figures for her birthday that will be coming up soon!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £29.99

Suitable age: 18 months +

Available to buy from Character Online here.

4 Star

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