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Wilko Cake Pop Moulds Review

Reviewed by Emma Baker

This was one review I had to fight my 10 year old daughter for, we have always wanted a cake pop machine but couldn’t justify yet another kitchen gadget and this seemed like a great compromise. The box was white and clearly labelled and brightly illustrated and you could tell straight away what it was, on the back it had the care and usage instructions which we easy to follow the box contained an instruction leaflet and the 20 Cake Pop Silicon Moulds in pink also 20 Pop Sticks.

After firstly giving the moulds a good wash and preheated the oven, we used Fry Light to grease the pods before putting in the mixture (we used a basic sponge mix) we filled the bottom mould about 3/4 full and then put the top mould on (the one with the holes in it) and placed in the oven we found the it was easiest to put the mould on a baking tray so that it was kept level.

Once cooked we placed on the side to cool, once they were cooled we gently lifted the top mould off and the cake balls just popped out quite easily and we inserted the sticks provided and then used melted chocolate, icing pens and sprinkles to decorate. They looked awesome and tasted great too.

The mould was really easy to use and clean after we had finished and I’m glad we opted for this instead of a big electric machine as these are easy to store. A great addition to anyone’s kitchen regardless of age everyone would make great use of this fun gadget! Now the big question is who gets to say it’s theirs … me or my daughter!

This is definitely a product I would be recommending to anyone and at a bargain price of just £5 it would be worth every penny!


We displayed our cake pops that we made in the beautiful cake pop wooden stand. It is cream in colour, holds 12 cake pops and has ‘ cake pops’ written on the front. It had clean and care instructions on the bottom instructing to just wipe clean. The stand is heavy and well-made and is just perfect to show off any yummy cake pops made, at £4 I think is a bargain price for a well-made great looking item.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: Cake Pops Mould £5, Cake Pops Stand £4

Available to buy from Wilko in-store or online here.


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