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Wilko Blox Construction Large Set Review

Reviewed by Kelsey Pate

I gave this construction set to my 9 years old, LEGO-mad son to build!

He was very excited to get inside the box and get started with building this set. He can sit for hours building blocks and enjoys following instructions in his play, so these type of sets are ideal for him. He found the packaging and instructions a little confusing to start with, but once he familiarised himself with it he managed well.

In this set you build an Excavator, a Dumper Truck and Construction Worker Figures, complete with Building Materials. 

This set is aimed at age 6+ which I feel about right. My son found it a little tricky with the bricks being stiff to click in to place in some places, particularly the limbs on the figures. A little assistance here and there can be expected but the build in general was simple for him at 9 years old.

My son was most impressed with the excavator and how well it moved, including the moving digger arm. He did struggle to keep the digger attached to the base though, it came apart a little too easy which was a little frustrating, but still didn’t spoil the set.

After the excavator was built, my son moved straight on with building the Dumper Truck.

He found this build quite simple and was together complete quite quickly. It also has moving parts and to my son’s delight, actually tips up!

He filled the back of the truck with the construction materials using the excavator and then moved the dumper truck around the table and tipped out his load. Then he set his construction workers to work. He spent lots of time using his imagination with this set which was lovely to watch.

This is a large set, once constructed the set approximately measures 28cm x 32cm x 5cm.

On first impressions my son wasn’t impressed that it wasn’t LEGO, but his opinion soon changed. Although there were a few issues when constructing this set, my son loved it and he has even made space for the constructed set on his shelves of completed LEGO models, which is a very special place indeed!

He was most impressed with the price of this set, and he has nagged me ever since to take him to Wilko to spend his pocket money! Think that says it all really, can’t beat a child’s review of something as it will always be honest!

I think this set will make a great gift for Christmas along with being an ideal gift to give at those many children’s parties the kids get invited to. Great value for money and provides lots of fun. We love bricks in our house, as they really allow everyone to use their imagination and construct just about anything. It states on the box that these bricks can be used with other brands of building blocks. We tested this out and they are indeed interchangeable with other brands.

We will most certainly be purchasing more of these sets in the future and am sure they will be very popular with others.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10

Available to buy from

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