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Wilko Blox Forklift Truck Small Set Review

Reviewed by Kelsey Pate

I gave this small Blox set to my 7 years old son to build.

He loves anything vehicle related, so was super excited to get into the box and get cracking with building this set.

It says on the box that this set is suitable for age 6+, which I would say is about right. My son found the instructions clear and easy to follow once he familiarised himself with the layout. We felt that there was an unnecessary amount of plastic bags inside the box. You need all the bricks at once to build this set, so we feel there is no real need to separate the bricks into different bags. 

My son had an issue with putting the Blox figure together. The arms and legs are really tricky to fix in place. He needed assistance with this. Otherwise it was straightforward, and he progressed quickly with the build.

My son struggles to keep focussed with projects like this, so I thought this being a small set would be well suited to his concentration level! He got very nearly to the end with this set when, unfortunately he lost patience with it. It wasn’t very stable and with only a little pressure when fixing in place it fell to pieces on him. He rebuilt this section twice but still it came apart easily and was weak. He had a strop and refused to continue with it! My eldest son had to finish it for him in the end. Again, it was tricky for him to construct, which was a shame as the completed Forklift Truck was really good. Perhaps parts could be glued together if was really keen to keep it as a forklift. 

The set, when complete, measures approx. 11.5cm x 8cm.  It is part of the ‘City Vehicles Building Sets’ range at Wilko. It only costs £3, which we feel represents amazing value for money when compared with other similar play sets. It states that these bricks are designed to be interchangeable with other brands of building bricks. We tested this out and indeed it is true, they do fix easily with other brands.

It’s the ideal set of bricks to set your imagination free to see what else can be built with the bricks. My son had lots of fun constructing buildings mainly with these bricks.

This item would make a super Christmas present, could make a great stocking filler I imagine too. Otherwise its perfect for the kids to spend their pocket money on, or to buy as presents for those many parties our kids are invited to! Would also make a good pass the parcel gift, I think I shall be popping a few of these away for such occasions!

Despite the struggles we had with this set, it does represent excellent value for money, and I am sure it will give lots of children great amusement. My son is keen to see what other sets are on offer at Wilko, so it hasn’t put him off too much! Perhaps it was just not the right day for him to attempt this set.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £3

Available to buy from

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