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Jubel Beer Review

Reviewed by Laura Bown

Within the world of alcoholic beverages, the current trend is for new and varied tastes. Jubel Is one of those that is paving the way.

I was sent a bottle of each of the three flavours that Jubel have, Peach (Alpine), Elderflower (Urban) and Grapefruit (Coast). They are available in a mixed case, or a case of individual flavours, of twelve 330ml bottles for £24.99 on Amazon. They are also available in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide in individual bottles priced at approximately £1.80.

My favourite was the Jubel beer cut with Elderflower, not too sweet, it is a light lager, however it still has lots of flavour. A close second was the Grapefruit one, although I did find this slightly sweeter, and I’m not sure I could have carried on drinking it past a couple of bottles.

All 3 Jubel beers are Gluten free and vegan. I am not a fan of peach flavours, so a friend who is Gluten free tried the Peach flavour Jubel with me. She said, ‘I used to drink lager all of the time, but since becoming Gluten Free I have switched to cider as it is nearly always gluten free. This is a nice alternative, and I would imagine it would be very refreshing in the summer or at a BBQ. The peach flavour is nice, not overpowering, but there is still the taste of a beer.’

The best way I can describe these are a mix between fruit cider (which can sometimes be far too sweet) and a complex lager. The website describes them as fruit infused craft lagers. It reminds me of some lagers and beers from Belgium, Germany and Europe, however this is definitely a lager and not a heavy beer or ale. The Jubel website tells the story of the company founders getting the idea for Jubel beers whist on a skiing holiday where they were served ‘Demi-Peche’ which is traditionally peach cordial mixed with lager, so the reference to European beers is probably intentional. At 4.0% Alc volume, they are on a par with most lagers. They are also brewed with the environment in mind, Sustaina-beer-lity is what is mentioned on both the bottle and the website, they are offsetting the carbon emissions from every bottle

Each flavour has its own colour, Peach is orange, Elderflower is Green and Grapefruit a pinky red, and the labelling on the bottles is quite distinctive.

I often give gifts that are food or drink related, as it can be something I know most people will enjoy. The bottles came packaged in a sturdy three bottle pack, and it seems a shame that this size pack is not readily available to buy. These ‘taster’ packs would make a great stocking filler gift and give recipients the chance to experience each flavour. Having said that I am still planning to buy some of the individual bottles from my local Sainsbury’s to add into some hampers I am doing for friends and family, including my dad. I may also pick up a couple of bottles for myself! Being Gluten free and vegan opens up a world of possibilities, they would also make great gifts for anyone following those dietary needs. 

Overall I really enjoyed them.

Rating: 4/5

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