Unique Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything


There are some people in your life that are just impossible to shop for. When a birthday or anniversary comes around, you can dread it as you think about what on earth you could get for them. Maybe they are someone who already has everything, or perhaps they are someone who prefers a minimalist lifestyle and doesn’t need a lot of ‘stuff.’ Regardless of the reason, shopping for the person that is hard to shop for, will require a little extra creativity. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to choose some gifts that are more unique, for that person in your life. Forget the usual gifts; here are some of the things that they are actually going to use.

Gift Cards

There is a train of thought that thinks that gift cards can be a bit of a cop-out. However, for someone who is tricky to buy for, why try to force them to have something, but instead let them choose? You’re still covering the cost, but they choose something that they would really be happy with. There is no shame in getting a gift card for someone, so they can spend it on something they want or an experience that they will enjoy. They could put it towards something they’re saving for, such as the most expensive watches in the world, or just get themselves a treat. Whether the gift card is for their favourite clothes, or a restaurant, having a gift card shows that you want to let them choose, and not try to ‘impress’ them with your creativity.

An Experience

Your person to buy for likely has all that they want, and as such, doesn’t need more stuff for around the house. So think past the physical items, and plan to give them an experience instead. There may be a concert that they want to go to, or a new class they want to learn, or a new skill that they want to try. You can pay for it for them, to help them to gain some amazing memories, and even some new skills. This will last and last, compared to a new gadget for the kitchen, for example.

Membership or Subscription

A membership or a subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. You could give someone with a year’s worth of entertainment, such as a subscription to something like Netflix or the new Disney+. If they are into books or music, then Audible or Spotify subscriptions could work well. If your friend or family member has children, then you could give them a membership for something like a children’s museum or a zoo. You could simply choose something like a magazine subscription, so that they get something new each month. There are a whole host of subscription boxes to choose from, depending on who you have in mind. There are beauty boxes, craft boxes, food boxes, and so on, which would all make a good gift. 

If you’re not too sure where to start when looking for a membership or subscription, then start by choosing a club or association that your recipient has a lot of interest in.

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