Oggs Cakes Review


Reviewed by Julie Hayward

Well to say I was thrilled to receive this package in the post today is somewhat of an understatement. Oggs delivered a carboard package to my door, on opening I found safely encased in a layer of straw three boxes of cakes. They each had four yummy looking cakes in a box. The varieties were Victoria Sponge, Zesty lemon and Chocolate Fudge.  In our new normal of lockdown zoom meetings at home, it was a most welcomed tea break to indulge in my favourite flavour a Zesty Lemon, it looked delicious but I have to say it tasted even better, the two sponge layers sandwiched together by the thick creamy filling. The sponge was moist but firm and not overly sweet and the filling nice and lemony and not at all sour.

While I must admit as I devoured the cake and licked my lips, I wasn’t contemplating the planet friendly credentials of the brand or noting it was a plant-based alternative to a familiar treat. However, Oggs is all this and more. The carboard packaging is recyclable, even the film is compostable, so that will be going in my garden compost bin and the plastic tray, that the cakes sit on will be reused first as drip trays for my seedlings before eventually heading off to landfill, it is good to know that they are a 100% recyclable and fully biodegradable. For the cakes themselves they only use sustainable palm oil and all of the ingredients are vegan friendly, so no eggs are used, therefore no need to be concerned over the welfare of any animals.  

There are two more flavours available; vanilla minis and one I would definitely like to try is salted caramel.  You can also order from Oggs the all-plant liquid egg substitute called Aquafaba made from chickpea water to enable you to make egg-free bakes at home and they even have recipes on their website,

The boxes are brightly designed and give lots of information on ingredients and nutrition, each individual cake is 200 calories and they are well packaged and they give advice on storage once opened, the best before date in this instance was 21 days from delivery, so that is three weeks shelf life if left unopened, although in my house they wont be around for long, as like their tag line suggests… they are ‘moist and moreish…NOM NOM NOM’  Whilst I fully intend to reserve the Chocolate Fudge box for my husband to have as a Father’s Day gift this Sunday, I expect my daughters will enjoy a little afternoon tea later with the Victoria Sponge and its raspberry jam filling.

I think this Oggs cakes would be perfect as a Father’s day gift for your parents or even grandparents to share, a little gesture to let them know you are thinking of them, even if you can’t go to visit.

I do believe that Oggs have managed to fulfil their promise of making great cakes and doing their best for our planet.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.25

These products can be purchased from most Sainsburys stores and online here.

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