Treasure Trails – Murder Mystery in Tunbridge Wells Review


Reviewed by Gina Reedy

Outraged of Tunbridge Wells needs discovering!

I was very pleased to be given the opportunity to review a treasure trail, which is a themed trail around a place of your choice. I chose the Tunbridge Wells option from the many that are available. I live nearby and was interested to see what I would discover of a town I felt was relatively familiar.

The pack arrived in the post. I liked the cardboard folder containing the pull out route guide inside. It was nicely presented, in colour, on good quality paper. We set out the following weekend to give it a go. The layout is very clear with the essential information outlining the location and postcode for parking, as well as the length of the trail and where to pick up food and drink along the route.

The booklet began with a clear description of the challenge we were solving as well as the exact start point. Our challenge was to help catch a criminal, whom had written threatening letters regarding parking charges on Sundays and we had to find their identity before they did something shocking to attract attention to the cause.

The trail started in the historical Pantiles near the very “wells” that Royal Tunbridge Wells is named after and it took us clue by clue through interesting lanes and passages; parks and climbing rocks. We saw parts of the town we had never seen and we were very impressed by the amount of thought and research that had gone into planning the trail. It takes you step by step without a map but rather by description to clue after clue. Some clues were challenging for us and we had to combine our skills to solve them. If you find it difficult to solve a clue the pack has a unique code, which you can use to text a number to get help on up to three clues.

Each clue you solve eliminates either one of the 15 suspects or one of the 6 potential weapons; on completion leaving just the Outraged suspect confirmed and their weapon of choice. You can then go online to see if you’re correct, then your name gets put forward in a monthly draw to win £100 and you can download a certificate to say you completed the trail.

We stopped at the delightful new Coffee Shop, Hudsons, on the journey and again at the café in Calverley Gardens for a food stop. The trail makes it clear when you might like to stop and my recommendation would be to allow more time than suggested to really enjoy the day and stop in the parks or cafes along the route.

I think these trails could become rather addictive as I can’t wait to buy one for us when visiting another one of the available locations, since they are a great way to see hidden parts of a town. At £9.99 I think it is excellent entertainment for adults and children alike and will keep you entertained for a good part of a day. Try one- you won’t regret it!

Rating: 5 out of 5

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