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Headu My First Words Review


Reviewed by Michelle

First impression of the packaging is great. It is a very strong and sturdy box that comes with a lovely yellow material carry handle.

Upon opening the box, I was extremely and pleasantly surprised at the quality of the jigsaw pieces. They were quite thick and chunky.

There is so much within this educational jigsaw from an interactive and sensory point of view that any toddler will have lots to learn and discover from playing with it. There are 12 different animals which are as follows:-

1. Horse
2. Turtle
3. Donkey
4. Owl
5. Zebra
6. Whale
7. Sheep
8. Bear
9. Bird
10. Snake
11. Frog
12. Mouse

The colours in each of the animal jigsaws are bright, vibrant and very well illustrated. They each have the name of the animal on the jigsaw, so learning what animal is which, along with the letters and words, makes this a great way to learn how to spell and read.

I love the fact that the back of each of the jigsaws are also bright, bold and vibrant colours, instead of just plain looking wood.

I gave this to my grandson who is 3 years old and he loved it. The pieces were very easy for him to grasp as each piece is big and chunky. Assembling the jigsaws are so easy too. As soon as we completed each animal, we would spell the word out by saying each letter, we would do this quite a few times. We also made it much more fun by making the noise of the animal too. He loved this. One of his favourite nursery rhymes is ‘Old MacDonald’. So, we made up our own song about have a zoo using all the animals. So much fun was had and it is now left at mine for when he comes over. He has been twice since we first played with them and each time he comes through the door he says ‘play zoo jigsaw nana’. Makes my heart melt.

We pointed to each of the animal parts, i.e., ‘nose,’ ‘leg,’ ‘tail,’ ‘mouth’, etc. We also learnt long the way all the different colours and if the colour was on more than one jigsaw, we could look for the same colour in one of the other jigsaws. We would also incorporate counting, i.e., once all the jigsaws were complete, we would then count them. We would also count al the eyes and legs.

We had so much fun with the eye on each of the jigsaws as the box also contained a bag of adhesive eyes. The bag contained 36 of them. With only needing 17 of them in total between all the animals, this leaves ample spare just in case any fall off.

Overall, this is a great way to get your toddler to interactive. They will learn to talk, sing, math, learn about nature and apply their senses such as touch and feel.

Ideal for ages 3 years to 6 years.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.58

You can get buy it for just £14.58 from Amazon to which the link to their website is below:-

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