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Thermapen One Thermometer Review


Reviewed by Helen Noble

I jumped at the chance to review the Thermapen, who doesn’t love a gadget, the ‘Thermapen ONE Thermometer’ is advertised as the ‘ultimate kitchen thermometer’ reading in just 1 second, it says it is the faster and more accurate way to create amazing tasting food, every time.

The Thermapen arrived well packaged, the product comes within a lovely magnetic flip top box filled with shredded tissue paper so no chance of the Thermapen arriving with any damage. Also included in the box is a user guide and a calibration certification. Once the thermometer is removed from the product packaging you just remove the easy peel plastic screen cover, give the probe a quick wash and its all ready to go.

My hubby does most of the cooking and he cooks great food whether it is on the BBQ or in the oven but he then always pops it in to the microwave to finish it off just to make sure it is cooked right through, therefore avoiding any upset tummies, well now there will be no need with this new gadget to hand. We couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

To turn it on you simply flip the probe open and the led screen automatically lights up. To turn it off just close it again although it will go off automatically after so long as it has a motion-sensing sleep mode within the settings to help save battery life, you can set this from 10 to 180 seconds or even to off to inhibit the sleep mode, it only takes 1 AAA battery so can be easily replaced when required. The settings menu is located under the battery cover to which you need to undo a small screw to remove. Other settings can be adjusted like the display 0.1 – 1, Celsius – Fahrenheit and screen rotation.

It is so simple to use, you just insert the probe into the centre/thickest part of the food or a minimum depth of 3mm for a true reading. The Thermapen reaches temperature within a second. The screen is easily readable, you could even use it in the dark with it having an intelligent backlight, We have so far tried it on steak, chicken and whilst cooking a meat pie from frozen. It’s just so easy for that extra peace of mind. Thankfully a handy guide booklet is included in the box which shows the temperature ranges so you know when they are fully cooked.

It can be used to check the temperature of a variety of items for example, meat, fish, breads, desserts, drinks whether these are barbecued, oven cooked, microwaved, deep fat fried, from the fridge as well food from the freezer.

The Thermapen comes in a variety of colours, we received it in red, but there are a choice of ten. A selection of accessories are also available such as cleaning wipes, holders and cases which can be purchased from the Thermapen website.

This would also make a great present for the person who loves gadgets, who has just about everything and you just never know what to buy them.

I Highly recommend, if you want to cook every meal to perfection this is a must have.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £66.00

This product can be purchased from the Thermapen website here.

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