Mavala: A Treat For My Hard Working Hands And Nails Review


Reviewed by Shetho

Mavala Scientific K+ pro keratin nail hardener and Mavala Mava Strong fortifying base coat for nails.
A treat for my hard working hands and nails.  I have been a fan of Mavala products for quite some time, so I was very happy to be given the opportunity to try out something new.

Mavala products are manufactured in Switzerland. The two items came packaged in cardboard outer boxes with the distinctive white red and gold Mavala branding. Inside were glass bottles with an applicator brush fitted in the plastic screw cap and full instructions for use.

Due to spending a lot of time in the garden and doing housework my nails are soft and prone to flaking, so the Scientific K+ pro keratin nail hardener seemed to be an ideal product for me. It is designed to strengthen and harden the tip of the nail. The product has been designed scientifically using keratin fibres to bond the principal layers of the nail. The Mavala website states that Scientific K+ also contains crystal resin tears, a gum extracted from the pistachio mastic tree that helps the natural keratinisation process or nails, reinforcing them. This penetrating aqueous solution, that is neither a base nor a nail polish, hardens soft nails and avoids them breaking or splitting. This looks like a nail polish and is blue In colour. As per the instructions I applied the product using the brush from the centre of the nail to the tip avoiding the cuticles as this can cause the skin to harden too. It is very quick and easy to apply and dries almost instantly. The instructions are to use two to three times a week until the nails have obtained the desired hardness and then space out applications. 

I followed this by using the Mavala Strong fortifying and protective base coat. The Mavala website says it is a complex of micro encapsulated active ingredients (tea tree essential oil, vitamin E, hydrolysed keratin and arginine) fortifies nails and its crystal resin makes the nail plate more resistant and thicker. This is a clear product which can be used as a base coat or on its own. So easy to apply and again quick drying. This gave my nails a lovely smooth sheen. It seemed to even out the ridges in my nails so they felt almost as though I had had a gel manicure. I really liked the feel of this and the way my nails looked.

Using the combination of the two products together gave a lovely finish and my nails do feel stronger, even though I have only been trialling them for a week.

Because of the deadline to submit a review I have not had enough time to see how well this combination might work longer term and what the benefits could be, but I do have a good feeling that these products could reduce the flakiness and breakages I often experience.

I would definitely recommend Mavala Scientific K+ pro keratin nail hardener and Mavala Mava Strong fortifying base coat for nails. 

Rating: 5/5

Mavala Scientific K+ – £16.50
Mavala Strong – £17.65

These products can be purchased from Look Fantastic here
For more information please visit the Mavala website here.

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