STYLSMILE Lighten Up! Teeth Whitening Kit Review


Reviewed by Gemma Ingham

Years of coffee and tea drinking have certainly left their mark on my gnashers, and we won’t mention the couple of years I spent smoking in my younger days. As a result, my teeth are definitely not the pearly white I would like and I am very conscious of that. I’ll never have the perfect Hollywood smile; a childhood of thumb sucking left me with a bit of an overbite and a few teeth that aren’t as straight as they should be. I can’t afford to spend thousands on correcting those issues but making my teeth whiter is a more affordable way to freshen up my smile and take control of one of the issues that makes me unhappy with my appearance.

I have looked into teeth whitening before. I’ve tried many a whitening toothpaste that just left my pocket a bit lighter and my teeth still the same shade of off-white. I even had an allergic reaction to one and spent a few weeks with cracked lips and a very unattractive rash around my mouth. I enquired with my dental surgery about professional teeth whitening and was informed that I’d be looking at hundreds of pounds and bear in mind that a whitening procedure isn’t permanent. Teeth will still naturally discolour so in a couple of years I would need to pay for that procedure again and again. With my budget that’s just not feasible.

So, when I was sent the STYLSMILE Lighten Up teeth whitening system to test out I was thrilled. It promised whiter teeth in just 4 weeks – could I finally have found a happy medium between cheaper toothpastes and more expensive professional treatments?

The first thing I was impressed about was that STYLSMILE offer a 100% money back guarantee if bought directly from them. If you use the system as directed for a minimum of 60 days and see no noticeably whiter teeth you can return the product for your money back! Not many companies nowadays are so confident in their product that they’ll back it with a guarantee like that and it makes me a bit less anxious about spending so much on something.

STYLSMILE is not just a whitening toothpaste; it’s an entire revolutionary light accelerated whitening system. It uses sonic vibrations (from the toothbrush), PAP (phthalimido-peroxy-hexanoic acid), and blue light technology. It’s really not as complicated as it sounds!

The system is presented in a modern streamlined box and contains a two-speed sonic toothbrush, peroxide free STYLSMILE toothpaste that contains the whitening ingredient (PAP) along with fluoride and menthol, accelerator tray, replacement toothbrush head and a charging USB lead. In colours of white and matt silver the system looks very hygienic, professional and sleek.

The toothbrush is a traditional shaped head with the base being a long smooth cylindrical shape. It comes complete with a cap to cover the toothbrush head; a feature I really like as it makes it extra hygienic, easy to travel with and it just looks better on my bathroom sink. I found using a traditional shaped toothbrush head odd after so many years of using a typical round electric toothbrush head. It felt rather big and cumbersome when brushing with it, but I soon got used to it. Built into the toothbrush is a blue light that activates the PAP whitening ingredient in the toothpaste whilst brushing. The toothbrush has 2 speeds (I usually use the first speed), brushing time lasts for 2 minutes, and it very helpfully does a little pulse every 30 seconds to remind you to brush the four sections of your mouth. When the 2 minutes is up the toothbrush stops. When the brush needs recharging the power button flashes and all you need to do is connect it to the USB charger. I’m not sure officially how long the brush takes to charge but it seems to do it in only a few hours. I’ve also found it only seems to need charging around once a week.

The toothpaste is a rather large tube and the mint taste is nice, it’s not overpowering and it’s just enough that my breath feels fresh. The consistency of the toothpaste was odd at first, quite thick and gritty and I’m assuming this is due to the special ingredients in it. My teeth felt just as clean as they do when brushing with normal toothpaste and a normal electric toothbrush.

The extra special part of this system is the accelerator tray that is to be used twice a week for 15 minutes each time. You simply connect the LED accelerator to the mouth tray, spread some of the toothpaste on the upper and lower part of the tray, pop it in your mouth, turn it on and leave it for 15 minutes. It’s certainly not a glamorous procedure, but it’s quick and simple and I feel it’s this step that really accelerates the whitening process.

Altogether I find the STYLSMILE system really easy to use. It adds no extra time to my normal teeth hygiene routine except the 30 minutes a week using the accelerator tray. It’s affordable and the most important bit is – IT WORKS! Included in the package is a professional teeth whitening shade guide with shades ranging from 24, which is very discoloured up to 1, pearly white. Before I started using the system I put my shade at an 8, which is an off-white creamy colour. After 4 weeks of use I would now put my shade at a 3, which to me looks like the whitest white you can get without having a seriously expensive bleaching procedure carried out professionally. I am more than happy with the result and I feel like my teeth look better overall. They seem to be shinier and I’m less scared to smile with my mouth open. I can only imagine how great the result would be if you started with teeth that were more discoloured than mine, the results would be astounding!

I will certainly continue to use the STYLSMILE system as I have been doing to maintain my newly white teeth and I only wish I’d discovered it sooner. I’m also very pleased that replacement toothpaste isn’t an extortionate price at £19.99 for two tubes and replacement heads are around £7.99.

I honestly cannot find anything negative to say about the STYLSMILE system and with Christmas coming up it would make an awesome gift for anyone who is maybe a little self-conscious about his or her teeth not being so pearly white. At a price of £149.99 I feel it’s quite affordable for an item that can make such an impact on someone’s life and appearance.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £149.99

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