Shopping on a budget with ALDI Review


Reviewed by Dorothy White

I was interested to see how far I could stretch £70 at ALDI, whilst cooking from scratch most of the time. £70 lasted for around 2 weeks, but I did go approximately £6 over budget.

Over the two weeks I did two shops.  The first was as follows:

4 x Poppin Chicken @ 89p
2 x French fries @ 67p
1 x 1k of carrots @ 43p
1 x Leeks @ 85p
1 x savoy cabbage @ 47p
1 x 4 pack of baking potatoes @ 95p
1 x Butchers select pork sausages @ £1.29
3 x Caramel wafer 8pk @ £1.34
1 x Caramel wafer bars @ 81p
1 x Kingsmill 50:50 @ 75p
1 x pepper and sea salt grinder @ 89p
2 x Fruit and barley 1l @ 75p
5 x Pain au chocolat @ £1.39
1 x Croissants @ £1.09
1 x dried recipe mix @ 29p
1 x eggs 10pk large @ 79p
1 x Hoops melts @ 99p
1 x BBQ ribs @ 85p
1 x Teddy faces @ 99p
1 x Beef roasting joint @ £7.01
1 x Fresh semi skimmed milk @ 99p

Total £36.81

The 2nd receipt was as follows:

4 x carrier bags @ 9p
1 x washing up liquid @ 49p
1 x leeks @ 85p
1 x large whole chicken @ £4.15
1 x beef mince 5% fat @ £3.09
4 x sparkling flavoured water @ 33p
1 x ready rolled pastry @ 89p
1 x baby wipes sensitive @ 55p
1 x premium baked beans @ 29p
1 x fresh semi skimmed milk @ 99p
3 x caramel wafer 8pk @ £1.34
1 x Premium chunky chopped tomatoes @ 34p
1 x close cut mushrooms @ 79p
1 x caramel wafer bars @ 81p
2 x Pain au chocolat @ £1.39
2 x carrots 1kg @ 43p
3 x French fries @ 67p
2 x Poppin chicken @ 89p
1 x Cauliflower @ 89p
4 x UB long grain rice @ 75p
1 x dried recipe mix @ 29p
2 x Laundry gel @ £1.75
1 x Grated cheddar 500g @ £2.19
1 x Quilted toilet tissue @ £1.49
1 x bananas 5pk @ 72p
1 x anti bacteria floor wipes @ 65p
1 x Ultra kitchen towel @ £1.45

Total £40.55

As you can see from the receipts, I got a really good selection of items for the £76 that I spent over the two weeks. I worked to a Winter Warmers theme. I prepared the following evening meals from scratch:

Toad in the hole with cauliflower cheese.
Chilli con carne with rice.
Chicken roast with roasted vegetables, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing and gravy.
Beef roast with roasted vegetables, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing and gravy.
Homemade chicken and mushroom pie and chips.
Homemade vegetable soup with homemade bloomer loaf.
Sausage casserole with mashed potato.
Breakfast was either toast or croissants/pain au chocolat.

Lunches tended to be a sandwich or homemade soup. The bloomer I made in the ALDI bread maker which I received to review some time ago.

My household is busy. My eldest daughter lives with me and both my granddaughters and my younger daughter pop in to eat at various times during the week. ALDI has our meals covered, whether I cook from scratch or just want to pop something simple in the oven like chicken poppers & French fries.

5/5 for quality of the products, customer service in store and value for money.

Rating: 5/5

Why not visit your local Aldi this week and see if you can feed your family for £70 without compromising on quality. To find your nearest Aldi store visit


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