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Sensio Home Masha Review

Reviewed by Joy Wright

The Sensio Home Masha is a deceptively great kitchen gadget and here’s why; it is a truly robust gadget which does exactly as it promises.

The Masha arrives in a no-nonsense cardboard box, wrapped and in this case containing the gadget, a bright green plastic blade and an extra aerator blade promising assistance for meringues. A sticker informs me this is unique to Lakeland purchases and is certainly an extra benefit.

The packaging promises great mashed potato and so I put it to the test. Once plugged in there is an electrical cord, a rubberised hand grip, a green light which tells you the item is on and receiving power. There’s an easily removed cone which easily comes off when needed but seems to be firmly clasped when in place. Then there’s the bright green rotor blade which is also really easy to remove and switch or wash. Quite simply I placed the Masha down over the boiled potato which it whirred around inside the cone at the end of the handheld piece and it pushes the potato out of the cone area in amusing squiggles and my goodness it is SMOOTH! It is absolutely the smoothest mashed potato I’ve ever made.

It took less than a minute, I was almost disappointed it was so fast, I quite enjoyed it. I took the pieces apart to hand wash them in this case because I wanted to move on and test it on something else. There are no sharp corners or difficult and convoluted shapes which are awkward to clean. Everything pops apart in seconds and every smooth surface is easy to wash. I can see this will be really easy in the dishwasher too.

For my second test I assembled the Masha with the aerator blade ready to see what it would do with a cake mix. Following the same procedure, it took around 2 and a half minutes to create a consistent blend from the ingredients and I could see it was definitely well mixed with air and slightly more volumized than it would be from manual mixing. Twenty minutes later I had a very even and well risen cake out of the oven.

The packaging shows ideas for hummus, mashed potato, dips and meringue. I can see great possibility for smooth jams, coulis, sauces, custard, apple sauce, soups, maybe a smooth chutney and most of all baby food. I wish I’d had this when my children were babies because it would be the fastest and most reliable gadget ever for baby food. I can imagine approaching Christmas this would make superb cranberry sauce.

In the box there’s an information leaflet which even gives you some ideas about to make a really tasty hummus, Yorkshire pudding and even lists the ingredients and method so you don’t have to be a culinary genius to get started with this gadget. It could make a lovely gift for someone who really enjoys creating quality food.

I’d trust my children to use this, it seems safe, it’s not too heavy to manage even with one hand so my early teens could possibly make apple sauce easily.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39.99

Available to buy from www.lakeland.co.uk.

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