Doctor Who No Mystery Open Gift Box Review

Reviewed by Colin Hewitt

The festive season is fast approaching, and who doesn’t like a surprise present (or in this case seven)? I know I certainly do.

Recently I was sent a sample of the Doctor Who No Mystery Open Gift Box (RRP: £24.99) from to review. is part of a group of toy-based companies; the others being Langley Toys, (the on-line sector of the Collectors Centre in the Strand) and The Television and Movie Store in Norwich.

After their initial launch in 2015, at Comic Con London, the company started selling their mystery boxes at other Comic Cons throughout the UK. Since then they have become highly popular amongst comic book fans. One of the main reasons for this popularity is the fantastic value for money the boxes offer.

The company’s premise is straightforward. If the surprise is pleasant enough, and of high enough value, customers will return regularly (to back this philosophy up the company also offer a subscription service so that regular ‘surprise’ boxes can arrive in the post throughout the year.

My mystery package arrived in a very sturdy cardboard box. There was some plastic packaging but in my opinion, not an excessive amount.

The box I received contained the following seven official Doctor Who merchandise items, although it must be noted that the contents of any package may vary slightly:

  1. A Dr Who Corroded Cyberman figure with Chest Damage and Electric Shock (From Dr Who Series 6)
  2. A Dr Who Figurine (Figure #11) – Rassilon – Collector Boxed 9
  3. A Dr Who Tardis Insulated Travel Mug
  4. An Official BBC Doctor Who Sonic Spork (an intriguing mash-up of a spoon and fork)
  5. A pair of Dr Who Festival Wristbands
  6. A Doctor Who A5 Comic Spiral Bound Hardback Notebook
  7. A glossy book; Doctor Who: Companions and Allies

After a bit of on-line research (searching through Amazon, eBay, AbeBooks etc. for the individual items) I discovered that the total value of this collection was between £54 and £60, and this estimate did not include any additional costs due to postage and packaging. It can clearly be appreciated that the company’s claim of each box is excellent value for money is totally justified.

TheAmazingMysteryBox isn’t just for die-hard enthusiasts of Doctor Who either. I urge you to look at their website. You will find a comprehensive range of boxes; a selection far too wide to fully include in this article. Amongst them, Sherlock Holmes, a plethora of Game of Thrones and Harry Potter options, Pokemon and Ghostbusters. For younger collectors, there’s My Little Pony, Peppa Pig or Thomas The Tank Engine. You’re bound to find something of interest to a comic book fan. There’s a Laurel & Hardy mystery box which especially caught my attention, I may drop a few subtle hints before Christmas.

This really would be an ideal Christmas gift idea for a Doctor Who (or whatever their chosen comic book character happens to be) loving friend or family member. The wide selection of items in each box makes them appealing to a wide range of ages. Note that some of these boxes may contain t-shirts, so you may need to know the size of the recipient before ordering.

TheAmazingMysteryBox company have also kindly offered readers of What’s Good To Do an added bonus item if they order a Mystery Box. Simply use the following voucher code during the purchase process: BATMANBELT

This is a unique gift idea and merits 5/5 for quality, range and value for money.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

For more information or to buy visit

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