Regency Design Launches New Suite Of Products To Help Car Park Operators Return To Business As Usual

Regency Design, the award-winning design and manufacturing business, has launched a bespoke suite of products to keep car park workers and customers safe during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

The series of products include compostable floor graphics to help customers with social distancing, automatic hand sanitiser dispensers to increase hygiene levels around pay stations, and PPE Category 1 Face Visors for operators to keep them protected and help stop the virus from spreading.

Regency Design has created these products to help businesses transition back to business as usual, while maintaining support from their former customers.

Zak Manhire, Chief Commercial Officer at Regency Design, says that car park operators are amongst the top businesses that will face very real issues if they don’t take precautions to protect workers and customers. “As we ease our way out of lockdown many businesses are going to find it difficult to return to business as usual and maintain the confidence and loyalty they had from former customers,” he says.

“Car park operators are facing a serious issue that needs to be addressed before everything opens back up. As people slowly return to work, individual car use is going to increase due to social distancing measures and the recommended avoidance of public transport. Car park operators need to expect a rise in customers and put safety measures in place accordingly.”

The series of products ensure employee and customer safety by decreasing the chance of cross contamination (for example when using pay stations) and making social distancing rules clear and easy to follow.

The automatic hand sanitiser dispensers help operators cut down on sanitiser costs by using sensory technology to dispense 1.5ml of sanitiser per hand detected. They are manufactured from Mild Steel, which makes them lightweight, yet robust and sturdy, and can be individually branded.

The floor distancing graphics are UK manufactured, CE marked and have bespoke messaging and branding options so that they can be placed in any car park environment and its surroundings. The floor graphics are easy to apply as well as hard wearing and compostable, making them convenient for both indoor and outdoor use with no harmful impact on the environment.

The PPE Category 1 Face Visors are highly durable, CE marked and are designed with an adjustable strap and anti-fogging properties to eliminate distortion and increase safety. The face visors can also be branded and are easy to clean, making them convenient for anyone to use.

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