Footner Exfoliating Socks Review


Reviewed by Sue Walker

Footner exfoliating socks promises you baby soft skin in two weeks, according to the box. I thought could this really be true? Am I up for the challenge? So what else is a girl to do during lockdown than treat herself to a pamper session to keep her spirits up. I set myself up in front of the TV on the sofa, it was a great opportunity to sit and do nothing for a whole hour, so with a drink in one hand and a book in the other I let my feet pampering session begin and lockdown and everything that comes with it would just have to wait!

To get the process started you simply cut the top of the socks (clearly marked with lines to show you how to do it) and gently slide your feet into them. They felt very weird and cold at first as there is some sort of liquid in them, but I did as it said on the box and secured the socks with the sticky tabs and put a timer on so I knew when to remove them. It didn’t take long before my feet warmed up (around 10 minutes) and I started getting excited thinking oooooh somethings happening which certainly lifted my spirits up.

An hour later I sat on the edge of the bath, after carefully making my way to the bathroom, took the socks off and washed my feet using warm water and the shower head expecting to see beautiful feet.  Sadly this wasn’t the case so I re read the instructions and they said can take between 1-14 days to have your beautifully baby soft feet, so I waited.  Day one – nothing, day two-nothing, day three- my feet started to feel a bit tight in places, by day five my feet had started to peel. Day six, seven and eight-Oh my, there was skin everywhere, it was very satisfying peeling it off all the time even though the instructions advise you not to!  I have never done so much sweeping and hoovering to get rid of the dead skin, I was amazed, scared and excited all in one to see the final results.

My advice would be not to go out much as your feet look awful while the process is working and skin falling off, however I was hopeful despite this that it would be worth it in the end.  Day 12 arrived and my feet were sooooooo smooth, all the hard skin on my heels had gone, it was a miracle, I could hardly believe it and showed everyone that was willing to look at my feet!!!! The socks certainly lifted my spirits during lockdown and although they cost around £12, I would definitely buy them in the future as they are unquestionably worth the price to have lovely summer flip flop wearing feet and not horses hooves.

Footner exfoliating socks are not recommended for people with sensitive skin or pregnant women so make sure you read the box before you buy.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

This product can be purchased from the Footner website here.

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