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There is so much to learn in the new ‘My Talking Tom Friends’ Virtual Pet Mobile Game

Valuable life skills such as creativity, responsibility and empathy are taught by observing and interacting with others around us. At a time where we’ve all had to distance from relatives, friends, and classmates our interaction with others has been a lot less frequent, which means learning these skills has been harder.

My Talking Tom Friends, which is available to download now on Google Play and the App Store allows players to look after and nurture, not just one, but six virtual pets, all in one big house! Players will have the unique opportunity to curate their own story whilst they take on the responsibility of entertaining, playing with and feeding 6 virtual pets.

Talking Tom and the gang, including Talking Becca who is making her mobile game debut in My Talking Tom Friends, are heading on an exciting adventure and you and your family have the chance to join them.

We have collated a list of seven key life skills that players can perfect this revolutionary mobile game, My Talking Tom Friends:

Community: Your family’s new friends all live together in one big amazingly cool house. Encouraging them to learn and play together builds emotional connections, and develops a sense of community. Connect with your new friends through different activities around, and even outside of, the house.

Caring for others: By taking care of the needs of others, families learn how to nurture. Sometimes looking after others is showing an interest in what someone in your family is interested in. With My Talking Tom Friends, you can nurture each character and join in with their favourite activity, whip up some delicious pancakes in the kitchen with Becca or start a footie match in the garden with Tom.

Uniqueness: All of the characters in the house have individual and unique personalities. Their differences are encouraged in this, happy environment. Accepting and encouraging diversity in people is an attitude that your family can then adopt outside of the game too.

Responsibility: The six friends need help taking care of themselves – and your family is responsible for noticing and helping with their needs. Being responsible means taking action when you notice these things. This valuable quality is encouraged and given room to grow in the game.

Healthy Habits: There are so many activities to choose from in the game. The characters can play basketball, football, go swimming and even indulge in plenty of healthy food which they can grow in their own garden.

Creativity: Creating a story of friendship with your My Talking Tom Friends is a fun start to encouraging creativity as a family. Ways to express creativity are in abundance throughout the game – from decorating the friends’ house, to experimenting with their wardrobe options.

Problem Solving: There is a huge range of mini-games in My Talking Tom Friends which will test the whole family on their problem-solving skills!

My Talking Tom Friends is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.

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