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Pocket Money Treats

Whilst kids always look forward to the big occasions – Christmas and birthdays – and the inevitable wish list of toys and pressies that that entails, it’s very often the smallest things that bring the most joy. Trying to get the kids to spend their pocket money on something other than sweets can be a bit of a challenge, so we’ve rounded up some of the coolest and most fun pocket money toys (most of them are under a tenner). We think there is something for most kids in here, be they for them to buy for themselves or for them to buy as birthday presents for their friends. Who knows, maybe you can even get them to do the washing up or vacuuming in exchange for an extra pound or two if there is something they really want?


If you’re going to have food-themed collectables, why not have ones that themed around one of your five-a-day? Bananas are peelable, scented and multi-coloured banana-shaped pouches containing a mystery surprise Crushie creature, along with two cute squeezable pets! A hanging vine nest and set of sticky gemstones to decorate your Crushie completes the set and adds to the fun. They’re great fun for decorating, collecting and trading, and at £3.99 each or £9.99 for a bunch of three Bananas, they are a great pocket money treat!

Baby Born Surprise

For kids who love babies and dolls, there is no better surprise toy than Baby Born Surprise! There are 12 different babies to collect, each with their own unique attributes. These little munchkins are hidden away in little eggs, and there are 10 different surprises contained in each one! After unwrapping them from their sleepy swaddling, you can wake them up to reveal their eye-colour, discover their hair colour, find out their favourite food by sitting them in water, and they will even drink and wet their nappies! These babies are a great size too, and we particularly loved that these surprise toys can also be used as part of larger playsets – check out our review of Baby Born Surprise’s Bottle House here. These are great fun and will appeal to any child with a parental instinct and are available for around £10.

Blume Baby Pop

We loved the big Blume Dolls at Christmas, and we think Blume Baby Pop is just as much fun! This time, you get a window box full of little sprouts for you to water and under each sprout is a surprise waiting to be revealed. Pick your sprouts and reveal your winnings – it could be a baby, it could be accessories but it will definitely be fun! The window box folds out into a themed nursery for your sprouts so there’s somewhere for them all to play, and Blume guarantee each box will contain at least 3 babies. There are 25 surprises in each box so we think this is well worth the £14.99 price tag.


Yolkies combine three things that kids love the most – sweets, slime and little collectable toys! For £4.99, the kids can get their hands on a surprise egg containing a collectable Yolkie character and a little pot of edible slime with a yolk gummy sweet for good measure! Even better, they are 100% sugar free and we think they’re a super fun and teeth-friendly little treat for the kids.

5 SURPRISE Glitter Unicorn Squad

5 SURPRISE Glitter Unicorn Squad (Series 2) is an exciting new set of little unicorns to add to your series 1 unicorn collection. For a truly magical experience, unwrap and discover five layers of fun surprises within each capsule. You’ll get one lively unicorn, interchangeable dress-up accessories, a comb for her soft neon tail and glitter hair, glitter and scented unicorn poop, four themed stickers and a Collector’s guide – perfect for swapping and trading to complete and boost collections. A real pocket money treat at just £6.99, these are perfect for any unicorn and sparkle lover!


For kids who appreciate toilet humour and like slime, Hangrees will certainly prove popular. These collectables are great fun, parody figures based on popular icons in kids’ culture. These revolting creatures will chomp away at their ‘food’ – give them a bit of a shake and leave them for a few minutes for them to digest and what are you are left with? POO! Each Hangree comes with the ingredients for its own colour and texture of slimy poo for you to mix up, then you can watch in wonder as they sit on their clear toilet whilst nature calls! These characters are great fun, and we think it’s nice to see a collectable that will appeal to boys. With characters to collect including Harry Plopper and Chew-Kaka, Hangrees are the toilet-themed gift that just keeps on giving – slime and a character toy for around a tenner isn’t bad going!

Nat Geo Crystal Garden

For science-mad kids, you can’t go wrong with Nation Geographic’s sets. They have a fantastic range of dig kits for under £10, but we’re particularly loving their new Crystal Garden Set at the moment. This pocket money priced science set contains everything the kids will need to grow two crystal trees at home – you can even choose the colours yourself with the pens that are included! This set is a mess-free, fun introduction to crystal growing that could spark a love of geology for years to come. It even comes with a genuine rose quartz specimen in the box too!


Arts and crafts are some of the best pocket money buys because for under a tenner, you can have yourself hours of creative fun. BLOPENS allow the kids to create cool airbrush effects without batteries or fiddly pumps; they’re so simple to use and can be used over and over again. The BLOPENS Rainbow set at just £10 even contains a special 3-pen holder to allow you to get some fabulous multi-coloured rainbow effects with your stencils! This should keep the kids entertained for hours and clean up takes no time at all.

Stib Mini Pencils

For drawing and colouring mad kids, pencils are always a great choice, but we particularly love Stib pencils at WGTD. These great quality colouring pencils come contained in their own eco-friendly and reusable cardboard tube and are even embossed with positive little messages that your kids will see every time they pick them up to colour. With phrases such as ‘world changer’, ‘problem solver’ and ‘joy finder’, we thought these were absolutely gorgeous and would make a lovely gift. They have an ergonomic triangular barrel shape and come complete with a pencil sharpener and sticker sheet for £7.95 for a pack of 10 mini pencils.

Crystal Art Frameables Collection

Diamond painting is getting more and more popular with adults, but there’s no reason that the kids can’t join in the fun too! For just £7.99, Crystal Art’s Frameables collection has some gorgeous child-friendly images and the kit comes with everything you need to get the children involved in this on trend craft! And the best bit is they are ready mounted and framed, so as soon as they’ve finished their sparkling artwork, it can go straight on their bedroom wall! We think this is a truly great value range that any little artist will love!

Playfoam Pluffle from Learning Resources

Squish it! Squash it! Watch it flow and deconstruct! New mesmerising mixable Playfoam Pluffle is the latest squish-sensation. This duo pack of two Pluffle tubes is perfect for tactile learning and is just so satisfying to play with, and it is non-sticky. Just tip out from the clear storage tube, give it a squish, and release to see the magical movement. Or keep it in the tube and flip it for a lava lamp-like flow. Squishing, pinching, squeezing and smushing Playfoam Pluffle develops hand strength, and the eye-catching flowing action that’s just hypnotic! A lot less messy than slime and just as much fun to hold, at £12 for two large tubes, we think this is great for younger children.

Phlat Ball Jnr

If getting outside and getting physical is your kids’ thing, we think Phlat Ball Jnr is a great option for £6.99. Is it a ball? Is it a frisbee? Well, it’s both, and the kids will love launching it as a frisbee and watching it turn into a ball mid-flight. The Phlat Ball Jnr is a mini version of the popular classic Phlat Ball, and we reckon it’s perfect for taking out and about. Because of its compact size, it fits easily into a rucksack without taking up all the space and is perfect for trips to the park as well as in the garden.


Pindaloo is a fun and slightly out of the ordinary choice for kids of all ages (and adults!) to challenge their hand / eye co-ordination. It is genuinely a game of skill, and we loved it because it is something that you can enjoy as much on your own as you can with friends. In fact, you can make the game as big or as small as you like. So why not challenge yourself and your friends to see just what you can do and what tricks you can come up with – you will probably impress yourself! Who’d have thought you could have so much fun with a plastic tube? Available for £9.99 here.

Super Wings High Flying Jett

Finding inexpensive toys for younger kids isn’t always easy. But Super Wings High Flying Jett does the job perfectly, with the added bonus of not needing batteries! Based on the massively popular Super Wings TV Series, the High Flying Jett is a quality little jet that literally launches into the air with the pull of pull of a cord. Flying up to 20 feet, it’s bound to impress older and younger kids alike, and the sturdy build quality means that it will withstand the landings too! Great fun for fans of planes and Super Wings alike, we think this is a super outdoor choice this spring for just £9.99. 

Wilko BLOX

Kids love LEGO, but most LEGO certainly isn’t within the pocket money budget of most children. We think Wilko’s Blox are some of the best quality and most reasonably priced construction sets on the market. For as little as £1.50, Wilko have little construction sets that will appeal to both boys and girls with the vast majority being under a tenner. These are a great, pocket money choice that kids will be able to buy with their own money and they can look forward to a new set each week.

Burger Party

One of the games that we most enjoy in our house is Burger Party by Goliath Games, and best of all is that it’s a real pocket money priced game at less than £8! It’s fast-paced, fun and a lot trickier than you’d think – and it’s one that the whole family can join in with. Deal the cards, look for a match and smash the squeaky burger but make sure you have your eye on things properly because if you smash when there isn’t a match or if you already have a similar match you’ll have to take a penalty card! Great fun at a great price: what’s not to love?

Power Pux

Power Pux have a number of products in their range, starting at just £5. The Power Pux Challenge Pack (£10) is a super choice for two kids to share as the set includes a launcher, 2 Pux cups and 5 Pux discs. They’ll have great fun aiming and firing their Pux, seeing how many they can land in the target or just how far they’ll go! Or for £5, how about a Power Pux Stack Pack which includes ten Pux in a portable tube which can even be used as a launcher itself. We thought Power Pux were great fun and pretty skilful toy that the kids just keep going back to again and again.   

i-Clips Magnetic Bookmarks     


For kids who love their books, bookmarks always make a good choice. We love i-Clips magnetic bookmarks because they will never fall out of your book, won’t crease or get damaged, and are available in a massive range of designs. From sloths to skulls to poo-mojis, there’s something for everyone and as they’re available for as little as £3 for a pack of 8, they’re fantastic value and are a real treat for the bookworm in your life.

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