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Baby Born Surprise Bottle House Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

Trying to find the perfect Christmas present – one that your kids will not only like but that will make them squeal with joy when they open it is like the holy grail of Christmas shopping for parents. My youngest is potty about babies and dollies and I she must have 20+ dolls in her bedroom, plus all of the various accessories – cots, prams, highchairs and more, and whenever I ask her what she’d like for Christmas, one of the answers is always dollies! We are rapidly running out of space for yet more big dolls, so I am rather pleased that she has recently discovered Baby Born Surprise Dolls – tiny pocket-sized little babies which each come with their own swaddle and hidden surprise eye colour.

When we were asked to try out the Baby Born Surprise Bottle House, a little ‘des res’ playset house for your Baby Born Surprise collections, I knew we had found the toy that would make my daughter whoop with joy! The house is a very sweet blue baby’s milk bottle with a working door, windows and everything your baby could possibly need. As well as the house itself, there is a whole host of little accessories for your dolls as well as one exclusive Baby Born Surprise Doll that isn’t available separately. The set includes:

  • Baby Born Surprise Bottle House
  • Exclusive Baby Born Surprise doll
  • Bathtub with working shower
  • Changing mat
  • Teddy bear
  • Baby milk bottle
  • Hairbrush
  • Baby Powder
  • Shampoo bottle 

My daughter couldn’t wait to get her mitts on the house, and this was made all the easier by the fact that it didn’t come inside any packaging at all; all we had to do was snip a couple of plastic tags and we were ready to go. The house opens up fully via a little bow-shaped clip on the side to reveal the six rooms on three levels inside. The house has a baby changing room and a playroom on the ground floor, a bathroom that comes packed with accessories and a working bath, along with a bedroom with a mobile and a safety gate on the first floor. The top floor, inside the neck of the bottle, is home to two storage rooms where all of your babies’ accessories can be kept.

It feels like every little detail of the house has been thought out and this is the perfect little home for your Baby Born Surprise dolls. The playroom on the ground floor has a little play gym with swinging toys and the changing mat can be taken out so baby can use it as a play mat or mattress. My daughter particularly loved the bedroom on the first floor – it has a little safety gate to keep your Baby Born safe whilst she’s up there as well as a mobile above her bed to sooth her to sleep.

The bathroom even comes with its own bath and working shower, and that’s where one of the really cool surprises with the exclusive Baby Born Surprise dolls comes in! She has colour changing hair that is revealed on contact with cold water, as is the pattern on her nappy. All you have to do is half-fill the bath with cold water and pump the shower. The water then flows through the shower and the water contacting the nappy and the baby’s hair will reveal her surprises.

We have had fantastic fun with the bottle house – we have had three Baby Born Surprise dolls living in it and my daughter informs me that they’re having a wonderful time! The house feels really well put together and I am confident that it will stand up to the kind of thorough playing that my daughter will be putting it through. I also loved how the house clips shut with the bow, and that there is a carry handle on the top. We think this makes it great for taking out and about with you, and it has already made a visit to her friend’s house to play!

I think this would make a wonderful Christmas present for any little girl who enjoys playing with baby dolls. It’s wonderful to see my daughter’s imagination in action too with some of the little scenarios that her babies have been involved with, and it particularly amuses me when her My First Baby Born doll comes to visit – she’s not much smaller than the whole house and according to my daughter, she’s a friendly giant who likes to pop round to see the tiny babies for a bottle of milk!

We loved everything about this house and it’s a lovely toy. Given as my daughter has decided that she will be starting a collection of the Baby Born Surprise dolls, it’s lovely for them to have somewhere to hang out and play (or whatever babies do when they’re given their own home!) and it’s the most excited she’s been about a toy for a long time.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £34.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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