MAM Welcome To The World Set Review

Reviewed by Carrieanne McHale 

I saw the chance to review the MAM welcome to the world set and thought of my friend. She’s pregnant with her second and she gave all her baby items from her first pregnancy to a friend just before she found out. So, I immediately thought this would be brilliant to give as a Christmas present just to get her started!

It arrived needing a signature. Wrapped neatly in recyclable paper. Once I opened the package the set is in a box. The box provides information about each individual item. Which I think is highly useful as it explains to you all the safety features the products have. These safety features have been clinically proven. 

The set has two smaller bottles, one larger bottle, one dummy and one dummy clip. The back of the box explains all the bottles have a dust cap, which is spill proof. A MAM teat which has a SkinSoft silicone surface. The screw on top has a wide opening which makes it easier to fill and quicker to clean. The base also has this feature as well as provide a smooth drink flow, this feature means your baby is less likely to develop colic. 80% of mothers have confirmed this and confirmed less gas and regurgitation. The features of the base mean the baby can drink at their own pace.

The soother/dummy has an extra small, light and skin friendly shield, which has big air holes. The button is easy to grasp and provides easy attachment for the clip. The dummy itself provides a familiar feeling for the baby and provides healthy dental development. 

The clip is easy to operate with one hand, it has a wide opening making it easy to fasten. The flexible ring fits button soothes. The strap is made of soft ribbon, it’s a baby safe length and washable. The loop fastener is also compatible with ring soothers, teethers and toys.  

As if the bottles couldn’t get any better they are also self-sterilising. This means if you don’t have to go to the expense of buying a steriliser. You can pop the bottles into the microwave for 3 minutes and they clean themselves. 

The MAM brand also offer different teats from slow to extra fast, they provide information as to which test you may need depending on the age of the baby. The 4+ month test is fast and spill free! 

As well as all the Welcome To The World set, MAM also offer many other products. MAM have worked with medical and research experts for over 40 years, to make sure they produce products which are unique both in function and design. 

Definitely exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend the set to all mums out there and I know my friend will love it! She’ll definitely get every use out of it and I know I myself will invest in the brand when it’s our turn. Also, to put the cherry on top of the cake the MAM online shop currently has a 50% deal on this product, the current price is £12.50! Even without the deal I would be happy to pay the full price. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £25

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