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Storm Ultimate Footwear Care Kit Review

Reviewed by Allison Bretherton    

I was quite excited to receive this kit for review, as I do own a lot of footwear and garments which urgently need some care and attention!

The kit consists of three pressurised aluminium canisters which are packed in a sturdy brown cardboard box. Also supplied is a small suede/crepe brush. At first glance, the kit looks very eco-friendly and practical.

The three canisters contain: 

  • Footwear Prewash – 150 ml
  • Footwear Proofer – 150 ml
  • Outdoor gear Deodoriser – 100 ml

I will discuss each product separately later in the review.

Storm Care Solutions is a British company which specialises in the maintenance of outdoor gear. Their product range includes many methods of cleaning and prolonging the life of your outdoor/equine garments and kit.

Their website gives detailed descriptions of each product and includes instructions.

The aluminium bottles used in this kit are designed to be recycled, although it doesn’t actually say this anywhere on the product, (and obviously you would have to remove the plastic nozzles before recycling). All the products in the kit are made in England, which gave me some confidence in using them.

One thing I noticed right away is that the print on the cans is really small. If you have poor eyesight you might struggle to read these instructions, but they are also available on the website. However, I think it is really important to note that these bottles contain strong chemicals, which can be harmful to your skin and eyes. I do feel the warnings (e.g. Keep out of the reach of children, wear gloves) should be much, much bigger, and maybe highlighted in red (all the print on the canisters is in navy blue.) 

Each of the cans has the same spray nozzle on top, made of sturdy plastic. There is a little tab below the spray trigger, which you have to flip to the “Open” position before you can use the product (Keep products away from your face when doing this!).

I have a pair of grey suede shoes which got a bit marked when attending a wedding in the Summer (I know – all that dancing!) so I used them to test each product in this kit.

Canister 1 – WASH – “High strength pre-wash to lift dirt, stains and marks from all footwear” 

The brush included in the pack looked quite small (just about 3 inches long) but it was surprisingly effective in removing loose dirt from my shoes. Don’t be tempted to skip this step, you need to remove as much surface dirt as possible before using the cleaner.

You should dampen the surface of the shoes before applying the product, which sprays quite easily from the container. Use a sponge (not supplied) to rub in the cleaner and shift any marks. I have to say, the cleaner did quite a good job on my shoes, but failed to lift a stubborn coffee stain completely.

You need to give the shoes a quick rinse to make sure the product itself leaves no marks. Then leave the shoes to dry naturally somewhere.

When I checked my shoes the next day, I was quite pleased with the results of the cleaning process, they definitely looked better! 

Canister 2 – PROOF   – “Restores original finish to waterproof footwear, maximising performance.”

The description for this product says it will “restore original water repellent finish” – note that it does NOT claim to be a waterproofing spray.

Again, quite easy to use this product, just spray on where you want to proof the fabric, paying especial attention to seams and welts. Time will tell if it made my shoes any better in the rain!

Canister 3 – DEO – “Bacteria and fungal treatment for gloves, helmets and footwear”

The spray nozzle on this can doesn’t allow much spread of the product, it tends to go straight ahead. You can tell where you’ve sprayed it because it looks foamy on the fabric.

The smell of the deodoriser is kind of minty, like strong toothpaste. Quite pleasant.

It definitely made my shoes smell lovely and fresh for a couple of hours after applying, but when I checked them the next day, all trace of the product’s smell had gone. So, I would use this spray as a quick freshen up for shoes, but don’t expect it to work miracles on a teenager’s trainers! (You need to look up YouTube for that, there’s a host of remedies to try….).

Overall, I think this kit contains good quality products which will last for a good few uses, so I think it is good value.

Would this be a welcome Christmas gift? I’m not sure I would like to receive this personally, (I’m more of a bubble bath girl!) but if you have someone in the family who enjoys lots of outdoor pursuits, this could be perfect to wrap up for them. I know how hard it can be to think of presents for blokes, and if you have already gifted lots of hats, gloves and socks for their outdoor adventures, they might be glad of a useful idea like this kit. Young people spend huge amounts of money these days on walking/hiking gear, so we should encourage them to look after their purchases and prolong wear as much as possible.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £25

For more information visit www.stormcare.co.uk.

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