SensatioNail Chrome Powder Duo Pack – Red Review

Reviewed by Julie Jessup

It is always nice to have pretty nails but as the party season will soon be here us ladies do like to look our best with all the glitz and glamour.

So when I was initially asked to test sensational LED Gel Polish I thought this would make it possible at a fraction of the cost of using a professional.

Before you use this product you must make sure your nails are in perfect condition. They have to be clean and free of any other polish.  You need to file your nails and buff away natural shine. Then you clean each nail with gel cleanser and lint free wipes. You can use nail polish remover, this is what I used but make sure you have left no oil on your nails. You then apply a thin layer of topcoat and make sure your hands are under a LED lamp for 15 seconds.

Then we get to the application, there is over 100 colours in this range to choose from the colour I was sent was red chameleon, a bit of a shock to a gal who only wears purples, however change is good and it looked quite striking. Two coats were applied as per instructions. In between each layer you need to go back under the LED lamp for 30 seconds each time.

Make sure you wipe the tacky layer with a dry lint free cloth. It is very important not to use cleanser or anything alcohol based. Wipe until you remove the tacky layer and the colour looks matte.

You can now apply the gel manicure powder a double ended small sponge applicator has been included for use. For powder you must apply pressure and rub into your nails until they are perfectly smooth. If you want a flake effect gently pat onto nails until you are happy with the effect. I decided on the flake effect.

Clean any excess from around the nail using a nail brush, lint free wipe or a paper towel.

To protect your beautiful nails you have to apply a thin layer of SensatioNail base and topcoat, once again under your trusted LED lamp for 15 seconds.

To remove the gel polish you must use the grey side of a buffer to buff the shine off of the surface of your nails.

Use the SensatioNail gel polish removal wraps. You saturate the pad on the foil, wrap the foil tightly around your finger then allow 10 to 15 minutes to lift the polish off the nail. Remove the wraps use a gel polish removal tool to take off the remaining gel polish. Finally, to remove any residue gently buff you nails with the pink side of the buffer.

If applied correctly it should last for 2 weeks.

Now if you think this sounds a bit of a pain to get perfect nails, you are right. I was not able to do this myself my daughter helped me and I had to visit a professional to get them removed. So this review was quite costly for me. You also have to have all the required tools and a LED lamp (although the box is clearly marked with “Must use with LED LAMP”).

After I received the product, I then realised I had to buy more products to effectively use this.

I have to say this product was not for me and I felt a bit let down.

I will award 3/5 stars this is because I would recommend this product to ladies who already have the tools and products required or who are willing to buy them. You also need to have a steady hand and patience.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £17

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