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GB Posters IT Pennywise Heat Changing Mug Review

Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

With Halloween fast approaching and Stephen King’s IT Chapter Two just hitting the cinemas, we received a IT Pennywise Heat Changing Mug to review recently, and we were really intrigued to see what it did. Sold by GB Posters.com, we are encouraged to be “amazed” by the mug, as the design will “magically change before your eyes” when your favourite hot beverage is added. I assume it will work with your less than favourite hot beverage, however we didn’t test this out….!

The mug comes in a straightforward cardboard box which offers adequate protection, describing it as a “heat change mug” and showing simple before and after pictures of the design. We are instructed to “just add hot water”, along with the iconic IT.

The website says fully dishwasher safe however the box actually says not dishwasher or microwave safe! We haven’t risked putting it in the dishwasher, just in case. It’s a shame that this info doesn’t match up and is misleading.

Before hot water is added, the mug is mostly black, with a partial white outline of a face, along with a white balloon emblazoned with IT in the familiar red text. The printing of this design is ok, but some of it is a little blurry in places if you look closely.

Once you add hot water, the face of Pennywise the clown slowly starts to emerge. Once the design has fully changed, within 30 seconds or so, the mug shows a creepy photographic image of Pennywise next to the balloon. The balloon doesn’t change colour.

The mug is a good size, same as your standard normal coffee cup, so quite adequately holds a good sized drink (hot or cold of course, the choice is entirely yours – if you go with cold though you’ll miss out on that famous face…). The handle of mugs often irritate me, but this one is again a good size, allowing you to take a good hold without needing to touch the actual mug. If you have indeed added hot water, this is a bonus!

As can be expected, once your very hot, very favourite beverage starts to cool then the design will follow suit, gradually fading back to the basic white outline of Pennywise’s face.

Unfortunately, the website not only contradicts the box in terms of the dishwasher safety of the mug, but the link talks about a different mug and has spelling mistakes. If I was purchasing this item I would be put off by this, however if you are after a different heat changing mug to amuse the die-hard Pennywise fan in your life, then you can’t go far wrong by getting this.

My daughter is a huge fan of IT and Pennywise so I know this mug will have a place in our home, being lovingly filled and refilled with her favourite hot beverages, and not so favourite ones. The next challenge is to get her to wash it up once she’s done though, bearing in mind we can’t put it in the dishwasher… it may well accidentally find its way in there in the future!

Editors note: since writing this review the inaccurate information on the GB Posters website has been corrected and updated.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £9.99

For more information or to buy visit www.gbposters.com.

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